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25 Photos Taken a Second Before Someone’s Personal Tragedy

In the modern world where almost everyone has a camera, it's hard to believe that something can be kept a secret. Well, now we can have a smile when we look at some of the funny things that are about to happen in these pictures.

Bright Side invites you to look at the crazy situations people find themselves in. We hope that all of them are doing all right now!

25. A great background is the beginning of a great selfie.

24. How did the cat get there?

23. Are we seeing double?

22. A unique picture

21. We think she was more scared.

20. At least he has a great selfie!

19. This is why I hate volleyball.

18. No one expected this from the reindeer.

17. Not just beautiful but also quite dangerous!

16. When you never lose hope:

15. She made a mistake, but she left her footprint.

14. At least the camera took a great last shot.

13. The bride doesn't seem to be enjoying it.

12. Either the couch is inflatable or they know something we don't.

11. This is how magicians play cards:

10. When you attract bad things:

9. Looks like her revenge will be awful.

8. Me facing my fate.

7. Gracious and brave

6. This will be the most memorable photo for all of them.

5. Always find the best show host you can afford.

4. We hope she changes her mind before she shoots.

3. This guy looks super calm. Does he even know that one wheel is gone?

2. Just a few seconds left before disaster hits!

1. Maybe the fall was staged?

Such crazy situations become public if there is a camera nearby. Do you have any photos like this? Share them in the comment section below!

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