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Internet Users Shared Mysterious Stories From Their Lives That Still Haunt Their Minds

No matter how skeptical you are, sometimes weird things happen and they make you doubt your own eyes. While in most cases it’s possible to find a logical explanation for things, mysterious and unexplainable situations can still happen. Some Reddit users decided to share these kinds of stories from their lives. It seems like these events have haunted their minds for a long time.

Bright Side gathered the most popular comments and we feel like some of these stories require a thorough investigation.

  • We took our 10-month-old puppy to the groomer who is 3 miles away from our home for the first time. We drove there in a black cab and she slept the entire journey. My wife went home and I went out to do some of my own stuff. The puppy jumped over the wall at the groomer’s and ran away. But somehow she managed to get home running across the streets of central London before my wife’s return. HOW DID YOU DO IT? © Hashtagbarkeep
  • I was sitting in a bar several years ago and a girl came to me. She said something that I didn’t understand because of the loud music. So I answered an automatic “yeah, haha” which gave her a huge smile and she replied, “Too late.” Then she left and I’m still trying to figure out what she said and I’m mad at myself for my “strong” social skills. © loics2

  • My father and I were fishing on a boat among a school of dolphins. These animals are too smart to take lures but it was our strategy to follow them because they feed on the same bait schools as yellowtail and tuna that we wanted to catch. At some point, all 50-70 dolphins disappeared underwater for about 30 seconds. It became too quiet and we started to panic. But suddenly they burst out of the water in a near-perfect row about a football field wide and performed these synchronized jumps a couple of times. Then they were just gone. What was it? A concert for my dad and me? © partycentral

  • I was walking in the park one day and saw a crow trying to read a paperback novel on a park bench. It was perched on the bench and was turning pages with its beak. When it noticed me, it flew away as if I’d caught it red-handed. I was so impressed by this incident that I ended up getting a tattoo of this crow. © HedonisteEgoiste

  • When I was little, I went for a walk with my babysitter and it started to rain. She took me to a place to hide from the rain, told me to wait there, and look at her. Then she walked out onto the road, lifted her arms, formed a T-shape with them, and it started to rain heavier. Then she pulled them down and the rain slowed down. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation but I have yet to figure it out. © _LulzCakee_

  • My blind grandmother was bedridden. One day, I was sitting on her bed and telling her about things that were going on in the street outside the window. Suddenly a flash flame appeared from the wall just beside my nose, moved in a zigzag direction, and disappeared in the opposite wall. It all happened in silence. A couple of days later almost the same thing happened again. This situation really stuck in my mind. © Marikosama

  • I have a huge dog named Monkey who loves watching TV and lying on the sofa with me. But one time, he didn’t get on the sofa but instead, froze 4 feet away from it and stared at it with horror in his eyes. I thought that he was afraid of a snake or something so I took a hammer, put on some clothes, and searched the area for signs of any danger. I didn’t find anything but Monkey was still stressed and even refused to come closer to get some treats. It happened for 3 days and only on the fourth day did he carefully approach the sofa and sit near it. What did he see there? © Angelic-Bitch

  • Once, I got lost in the countryside and ended up on a bumpy road. I drove down this road for 40 minutes passing hills and forests until I came across a large sign blocking the road that said, “The road is closed!” I had to turn around and go back. But this place is still on my mind. What was behind this sign? Was it biological contamination? A secret object? A flood? I tried to return to this place on foot but failed to find it. © SkyGuardianOfTheSky

  • It happened when I was 12. I came back from school and started to wash my hands. My cat Thomas was sitting in front of me and stared at me in a weird way — he didn’t move or blink. I started to feel uncomfortable so I called him by his name but he didn’t show any reaction. Then suddenly an ironing board started to move and things that were lying on it fell on the floor. Thomas was still sitting and staring at it. I was sure that it was him who did it so I took him in my hands and sprinkled him with some water. Then he came back to normal again. Thomas still lives with us by the way. © Alexandr28reg

  • I worked at the library. That day, I scanned a customer’s library card and then went to hand it back to him. At the moment when our hands were about a foot apart, the card suddenly disappeared. We looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. I’m still thinking about that. © JeremyDHernandez

  • I used to live on a farm when I was a child. One day a peacock showed up out of nowhere, made our farm its home and ate our cat’s food. He had been crying for a weak until, unexpectedly, a peahen showed up. They had a lot of babies and lived with us for 8 years. Then they just disappeared forever. No one in the neighborhood had any idea where they came from or where they went. © friesandburritos

  • I was traveling in Italy when 2 American girls came up to me. They started asking me about my trip and constantly repeated that they couldn't believe they ran into me there. I thought it was a prank but they asked me about specific things that only someone who knew me would have known. I still have no idea who they were.© schnit123

  • My mother died about 10 years ago. At the funeral home, we received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a card from the band the Red Hot Chili Peppers that said, "We are saddened to hear of Renate's passing." We are a poor family from southern Indiana and there's no way my mom could've ever meet those guys. Is this something they just randomly do? © iualumni12

  • My fiancé and I were out all day. When we got back, the front door and all the windows were closed. On the table, I found a picture of a girl with a name written on the backside of it. It was Brandy. We saw her for the first time in the photo and don't know anybody with such a name. We put her photo in a frame and now she lives with us. There's a picture attached. © sunshinepupperz

  • I was sitting in a bar and chatting with some guy I just met. Then a girl joined us and in the middle of the conversation and suddenly put her hand on this guy’s head and said, “You’re from Brownsville.” I don’t remember the city name but it’s a small town where about 500 people live. The guy was shocked since he was really from that place. She explained that sometimes she just has these flashes of information about people she is talking to but has never met before. © 1Doctore

  • Once I woke up because my boyfriend came home from work. He went to the bedroom, said hi to me, and headed to the living room. A bit later I got up to convince him to go to bed but couldn’t find him. I decided to call him but he told me that he had to stay up late and didn’t come home that night. © Innocuous_Small_Talk

  • When I was a teen, I woke up on the top of my refrigerator. I was sleeping there, curled up like a cat. I was at home alone so no one could’ve put me up there and there’s no object around that could’ve helped me climb the refrigerator myself. I also had no prior history of sleepwalking and I’ve never sleepwalked again since. © MrKittySavesTheWorld

  • I have 3 children with unique names. My oldest, Rilan, was 9 when it happened. I was standing not far away from my children who were sitting on the sofa when my mobile phone rang. Such phones were rarely used back then — landline phones were more popular. I picked up the phone and heard a guy’s voice saying, “Hey, mom!” I turned back to my kids and saw all of them still sitting on the sofa. “Mom, it’s me, Rilan,” the boy repeated. “Rilan?” I asked in shock, staring at my confused son. “Mom, stop fooling around,” the boy on the phone repeated. Then it seemed like he covered a phone microphone with his hand and another voice said, “No, it’s not the time.” I tried to call back but this number was unavailable. © CayCay84

  • A few years ago I got a citation for $350. When I went to pay it off, it turned out that it had been already paid for. I asked everyone I know but no one confessed that they did it. It seems like I’ll never find out who this generous stranger was. © Imtheman1388

  • I had a couple of pet rats. I kept them in a cage with a very small distance between the bars (like in this picture). I was sure that this space was too small for even the tiniest and the most flexible rat to squeeze through. Imagine my surprise when I came into the room and saw one of the rats sitting on top of the cage starring at me from above, just like Batman. The cage doors were closed. I don’t see any logical explanation for how he got out of the cage except for teleportation. I called my rat Houdini after this incident. © Morbles13

  • I was walking in Vancouver and suddenly saw a completely naked woman in the middle of the street. She was just walking down the street as if it was completely normal and nobody paid any attention to her. This street is known for alternative-lifestyle types of people but there’s no way I can explain such a lack of a reaction to her. © endlesswander

Has anything mysterious ever happened to you? Share your stories in the comments — let’s try to solve these mysteries together!

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