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14 Times Movie Makers Used the Same Sets in Different Movies and Hoped No One Would Notice

When watching a movie, we are attentive to the characters and their conversations, and we may not always pay attention to what surrounds them. That’s why, at first glance, few people notice those times when sets or props are repeated. This proves that even the creators of movies and series occasionally think: “Why spend money on something new when you can just recycle the old?”

At Bright Side, we put together a list of some occasions when directors showed us that old things can always serve us again.

1. The Quality Cafe

The Quality Cafe, located in Los Angeles, has been home to many scenes and conversations in different films. The number of recognized movies or series that were shot here is incredible — some have even been filmed from the same seats. Among them, we can recognize (500) Days of Summer, Se7en, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was also used in the acclaimed series, Mad Men.

2. The newspaper prop

Ordinary props may go unnoticed in the eyes of many. However, there is always someone who notices these little curiosities. In this case, one user noticed that the same newspaper has appeared in dozens of movies and shows, such as Married... with Children, Modern Family, and No Country for Old Men. The prop was created by the company, Earl Hays Press.

3. Hatfield House corridor

When movies need an elegant, classic setting, Hatfield House is the place to be. This has been the location for many films, including Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft, The King’s Speech, Sherlock Holmes, and Rebecca. The series, Bridgerton, and The Crown also had some scenes filmed here.

4. The Vasquez Rocks landscape

Vasquez Rocks is a natural park located in Los Angeles and is open to visitors. It was also the backdrop to scenes of many different films. Its rock formations were part of the scenery in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and Star Trek: The Beginning, among others of the same franchise. They also appear in a Friends episode, “The One with Joey’s Big Break.

5. The golden idol

The golden idol that Harrison Ford takes in Raiders of the Lost Ark, leading to one of the most iconic scenes of the franchise, also makes a special appearance in another film. It’s also in The Majestic, released in 2001.

6. The wig

In a scene from the movie, Ocean’s Eleven, we can see that Brad Pitt wears a wig to disguise himself. This was actually the same wig worn by Mike Myers during the filming of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

7. John Marshall High School

When we think of American movies, the great high schools attended by teenagers probably come to mind. One of the best-known campuses is that of John Marshall High School. This is where movies like Pretty in Pink, School of Rock, Bachelor Party, and even A Nightmare on Elm Street took place.

8. The replica of a jet

In the film, True Lies, there is a fascinating scene in which Arnold Schwarzenegger is seen piloting a jet. This one was made especially for the film and was kept together until 2012 when it appeared in The Avengers. It can now be visited at the Volo Auto Museum.

9. “The Classic” car

One thing Sam Raimi’s films have in common is the expected cameo of the Oldsmobile 88 car, dubbed “The Classic” by the director. We can see it in Spider-Man, Army of Darkness, and The Gift.

10. The teddy bear

The teddy bear held by Bruce Willis in the first installment of Die Hard also had its moment of fame in the movie, The Hunt for Red October. Both were done by the same director.

11. The “Mr. Fusion” coffee grinder

In the opening scene of Alien, we can see a coffee grinder mounted on the wall. This model was used to create Mr. Fusion, which appears in Back to the Future Part II.

12. The barricade

Many fans surely remember Diagon Alley, which made its first appearance in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The set where it was filmed was also used to transform into the barricade scene in Les Misérables.

13. An EVA pod

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, EVA pods served as transporters and mobile workshops. This artifact can be seen in Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace in the scene set in Watto’s junkyard.

14. The Courthouse Square set

Both Back to the Future and Bruce Almighty have scenes that take place in the same location. It’s known as Courthouse Square, located in Universal Studios. This location has been used in many other films, such as Gremlins, Casper, and The Cat in the Hat.

What do you think about the repetition of sets in different films? What other hidden details have you detected in film productions?

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