What 13 Celebrities Looked Like When They Were the Same Age as Their Characters

It’s no secret that actors sometimes play characters who are much younger than them. Actors who are in their late twenties getting cast as high schoolers isn’t surprising at all. It’s been happening for as long as we can remember, from the hit movie, Grease (1978), to today’s popular show, Riverdale.

We at Bright Side asked ourselves, “What did these famous actors look like when they were as young as their characters?” And we’re excited to share the answer with you.

1. Cole Sprouse was 26 in the first season of Riverdale, playing the 16-year-old Jughead.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio was 28 years old in Catch Me If You Can, while his character was 16.

3. Paul Wesley was 27 when he played The Vampire Diaries’ Stefan Salvatore, who had the body of an 18-year-old.

4. Olivia Newton-John played 18-year-old Sandy from Grease when she was 29 years old.

5. Zendaya was 25 when she played a 17-year-old in Euphoria.

6. Debby Ryan, who was 26 at the time, played 17-year-old Patty in Insatiable.

7. Lucy Hale was 25 years old in season 5 of Pretty Little Liars, while her character was 18.

8. Winona Ryder was 28 when her character in Girl Interrupted was 18.

9. Barbra Streisand was 41 when she played a 20-year-old in Yentl.

10. Anna Kendrick was 32 in Pitch Perfect 3, while her character was 21.

11. Shelley Hennig was 27 years old, playing 17-year-old Malia on Teen Wolf.

12. Logan Lerman was 18 years old when he was cast as a 12-year-old Percy Jackson.

13. Kirsten Dunst was 25 when she played 15-year-old Marie Antoinette.

Do you think these actors successfully pass as younger than they actually are? Would you prefer they play a teenage character while they are teenagers themselves?

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