10 Wild Things Celebrities Ask for Before Their Concerts

Many of us love going to concerts but few people really understand how much effort goes into ensuring that a star will give a good show. Singers’ concert riders may just request a pumpkin pie or they may have a requirement to have a monkey in their room, thawed water, or an assistant to smoothen a mat in the dressing room.

At Bright Side, we became really interested in the requirements that the biggest stars in the world have during their shows. And we were really surprised to say the least! Some of the requests seemed silly and some were quite confusing.

Robbie Williams

Robbie’s concert rider is one of the most impressive. Organizers have to provide 280 towels, 3 fire extinguishers, 3-person dressing rooms, 6 staff rooms, and 5 offices for 8 managers. The singer wants to have a personal masseuse, 6 chefs, and 6 bodyguards.

The food requirements are 16 liters of milk, 24 donuts, and 48 chicken eggs. In the room, there has to be a photo of the Dalai Lama, a bonsai tree and 4 ashtrays. The British singer likes to have something exotic in his room: once he asked for a live monkey.

Britney Spears

This pop star requests 200 new towels every day, 1 ton of ice for the show, 13 dressing rooms, and a staff wearing only white clothes — these are the standard requirements of the singer during a show.

She should also have access to personal transportation even out of town and a golf car for moving around the dressing rooms and the stage. Even the trash cans should meet requirements — even the stickers on them need to be correct.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer wants to see her dressing room in the style of a spa or zen room: the walls should be white as well as the furniture. In a vase, there should be 24 white roses, and there should be the same number of bottles of thawed water. Additionally, there should be aloe, coconut juice, and fresh cinnamon. And there should be 25 black towels for her on stage.


The singer’s requirements include a dressing room with 2 sections and a temperature that doesn’t exceed 71° F. Also, there should be a brand new coffee machine and candles with a rose scent. The menu should include chicken legs with cayenne pepper and not a single Coca-Cola product. When Beyoncé was visiting Moscow, she asked for 10 Mercedes-Benz cars.

Kanye West

This rap singer requires black hand towels from Versace and equipment for his driver made of pure cotton. Among the most unusual requirements is an assistant for smoothing a mat in his dressing room, vases in his room and Genelec 1031A monitors (despite the fact that they have not been produced for more than 10 years now).

Elton John

Elton John always asks for a separate room for his giant glasses collection (he has over 4,000 pairs of them). And the conditions in the room are very specific in terms of the humidity and temperature.

In his room, there should be silver utensils with diamonds and exotic fruit from South America.

Paul McCartney

The British music legend always wants to have 6 pots with plants (but not trees) backstage. The plants should have a lot of leaves, even at the bottom. Additionally, the room should have white Casablanca lilies and white and pale pink roses.

The dressing room shouldn’t have any furniture made of leather or fur and all meat should be excluded from the menu.


The man who has millions of fans from all over the world has a rider that requires 8 black towels, eco-friendly fruit, chamomile tea, potted plants, a separate room for his musical instruments, and a room for meditation. All the bodyguards should wear the same T-shirts and jackets and should not have any weapons on them. And also, there should be a doctor who can give the singer a shot of vitamins.


The owner of multiple music awards is strongly against having any organic honey within a 30-ft radius. The menu should include chicken sandwiches with lettuce and the best red wine. And there should be 6 iron teaspoons in her dressing room.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s requirements mostly have to do with her menu. She requires a big caramel latte with 2 stevias, a piece of pumpkin pie from Starbucks, 100 grams of oil, 12 bottles of New Castle beer, an avocado, and 0.5 liters of Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt with chocolate.

What do you think of these celebrities’ requirements? Do you think they’re too wild?

Preview photo credit VALERIE MACON/AFP/East News
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