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15 People Who Dared to Take on Any Obstacles Life Threw at Them and Came Out Victorious

We’ve learned that everyone has battles they are fighting, and it doesn’t matter if it’s weight loss, anxiety, or even the hardships of a long-distance relationship. They are all battles worth fighting for. People who fight for themselves, for their happiness, and for their life are people that deserve to be applauded because they stop at nothing to win.

Bright Side absolutely loves stories about personal wins and happiness, and we believe that we can bring some extra positivity to your day and maybe even motivate you to fight for your goals.

1. “5 years of long-distance courtship, 1 year of long-distance marriage. Finally, we’re living together.”

2. “Saw the left picture on my Google photos and was feeling proud of myself. 1.5 years post open-heart surgery.”

3. “The man that saved me from a life of foster care.”

4. “A year ago, I was depressed. Today, things have gotten better.”

5. “I went from 306 pounds (139 kg) in March 2020 to 140 pounds (63.5 kg) today.”

6. “I underwent extensive reconstructive sinus surgery. Today I breathed a real breath through my nose for the first time in 26 years.”

“It’s silly, but I cried.”

7. “After about 9 months of living in my car and most of my life with unstable housing, I finally have a home to call my own!”

8. “It ain’t much but it’s honest work.”

9. “8 years ago, I got into some legal trouble and struggled to find a job. Today, all my hard work paid off when I bought my first car by myself!”

10. “Been in a rut this week with my anxiety, decided to let it out and paint it away.”

11. “Lost 200 pounds in a year through fasting and walking, then crushed my fear of working out around others at the gym!”

12. “Have PTSD and I struggle with being outside. This is my ’I’ve been walking in the woods 2 days in a row’ smile. Small steps forward.”

13. “After 8 years of long-distance, I asked my now fiancé to marry me. I took this picture a second before she turned around.”

14. “After 4 years of hiding, in 2 weeks I’m escaping my abusive mom to start my life with Prince Charming. (I’m the one in white).”

15. “My mother lost touch with her then-boyfriend 30 years ago. 2 years ago, they reconnected through LinkedIn.”

“After numerous FaceTime calls and flying back and forth, they finally got married.”

What is the hardest obstacle in life that you’ve had to go through and how did you do it? Let’s share our stories and motivate each other!

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