10 Actors That Have Mastered Other Arts Besides Drama

2 years ago

Being a successful artist, whether an actor, musician, or painter, is an accomplishment in itself. However, there are certain celebrities who didn’t want to stick with just one field and have proven to excel in several disciplines, extending their talent and demonstrating their sensitivity when it comes to learning new things.

Bright Side would like to share a list of some celebrities who have proven to have talent in several different areas.

1. Jared Leto: actor and musician

Jared Leto is not only an Oscar-winning chameleonic actor, but he has also demonstrated musical talent. In 1998, he and his brother formed the band, 30 Seconds to Mars, and from there, they maintained a successful career in which they sold millions of copies, received numerous award nominations, and even broke a Guinness World Record for “number of concerts performed” in 2011.

2. Jimmy Fallon: host and actor

Jimmy Fallon is probably the most famous late night show host at the moment. However, he has also shown talent as an actor, playing important roles in films such as Almost Famous, Anything Else, and Taxi.

3. Woody Allen: director, actor, and musician

Woody Allen, whether as a director or actor, is a well-known figure in the world of cinema. However, the New Yorker has extended his peculiar talent to music, having had his own jazz band for many years, in which he plays the clarinet.

4. Jim Carrey: actor and painter

Jim Carrey not only stands out for his acting talent (both for comedy and drama) but also, for some years now, he has developed an interesting career in painting and sculpture. With his own style as peculiar as his acting, he uses painting as an exercise of personal liberation and distraction from the problems he has had in his life in recent years.

5. Margot Robbie: actress and tattoo artist

Margot Robbie has not only stood out as one of the most talented actresses of recent times, but she has also found a very productive hobby: tattooing. According to her, she has done more than 50 and even made small group sketches for her Suicide Squad castmates.

6. Anthony Hopkins: actor, musician, and painter

Anthony Hopkins is not only a gifted, 2-time Oscar-winning actor, but he also has slightly more secret talents in music and painting. He even won a scholarship to the Cardiff School of Music and Drama because of his talent on the piano. Not content with this, the Welshman has also shown a talent for painting, reaffirming his great talent and creativity in almost every field.

7. Jessica Alba: actress and businesswoman

Jessica Alba has not only demonstrated her talent in the world of acting, but she has also achieved great success in her field as an entrepreneur, being co-founder and creative director of the successful company, The Honest Company, a very well-known and referenced brand in the business world.

8. Neil Patrick Harris: actor, magician, and writer

Not only is he an actor with a great talent for comedy, but Neil Patrick Harris is also a great performer of magic tricks. He even served as president of the Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts and has written a series of children’s books teaching some simple tricks for little ones.

9. Lucy Liu: actress and painter

Before starting her acclaimed career as an actress, Lucy Liu already stood out as a painter, a field in which she has been working since she was 16 years old. Her talent is so marked that she has even had numerous exhibitions around the world.

10. Jack Black: actor and musician

Jack Black has extended his musical talents to his acting career, showing off his skills, for example, in School of Rock. Even Tenacious D, the musical duo he has with Kyle Glass, had its own movie. Beyond that, the duo has recorded 4 albums together, and Black on his own has collaborated with numerous artists, such as Dave Grohl, Sum 41, and Gorillaz.

What is the most extraordinary talent you have ever seen? What is yours?


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