10+ Pics That Show Why Moms and Dads Are Like Coke and Mentos, and That’s Why We Love Them

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4 years ago

How many times have we heard that men and women come from different planets? Well, moms and dads are no different. We’re not saying one is better or worse than the other, they’re just different. Please don’t take this selection too seriously — just have a good laugh!

We at Bright Side selected some funny stories for our readers to give them a bit of a giggle.

1. Birthday wishes

2. Visiting a playground

3. Getting a response about a failed test

4. First pottery lesson

5. Having some parent/child time

6. Support when you’re feeling unwell

7. Learning

8. Spending time together

9. Getting close to nature

10. Getting groceries

11. Having a snack

12. When you have a small accident:

Tell us your funny stories about how your moms and dads behave in the same situations.


5th e males all seem preoccupied either with tech or thenselves, wrapped in their own worlds. It's actually sad.

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