10 Times When Actors Changed the Script and Made the Final Result Even Better

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Good acting is often the base of any film or series, and many movie stars do more than just act. We remembered the times when actors and actresses suggested certain changes to the script or the look of a character, and directors approved them. Now, it’s hard to even imagine that our favorite moments could have looked different.

Jenna Ortega flatly refused to go crazy about her dress.

Jenna was so good in the role of Wednesday Addams that she made some dialogue changes. When the Nevermore students were preparing for the ball, Thing got Wednesday a gorgeous black dress as a surprise.

When Wednesday saw the dress, she was supposed to say something like, “Oh, my God, I’m freaking out over a dress, I literally hate myself.” But the actress insisted that the phrase would sound too uncharacteristic for her character.

Anya Taylor-Joy wasn’t supposed to get enraged.

When the main character of The Menu realizes her friend took her to the restaurant, knowing about the chef’s crazy plan, she gets enraged. But this wasn’t scripted.

She was supposed to cry silently after she heard the truth. But the actress felt that a more natural reaction would be anger.

Alan Rickman refused to follow the script.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Severus Snape stops Draco and finishes Dumbledore himself. The actor was supposed to say, “I gave my word. I made a vow.” Severus gave Draco’s mom a vow, promising he would watch after her son.

But Rickman didn’t want to say this line because he thought it only made things more confusing. Instead, Snape was silent and then said, “Avada Kedavra.”

Matthew Macfadyen improvised the scene where he touched Keira Knightley’s hand.

The actor thought that his character, Mr. Darcy, was supposed to take Elizabeth Bennet’s hand, and help her get into the carriage. So, this scene became one of the most touching and iconic moments of the film. The director saw the potential of this improvisation and asked the cameraman to film the close-ups of the hands.

Macfadyen also added some subtle humor to the role. He and Tom Hollander, who played Elizabeth’s cousin, actually came up with the bit where Mr. Collins keeps trying—and failing—to get Mr. Darcy’s attention at the ball, then dodges Darcy’s elbow when he finally turns around.

John Krasinski was going to say a different line.

The character of John Krasinski sacrifices himself for his family, screaming and attracting the attention of the monsters. But instead of “I love you” (as the script said), he said, “I’ve always loved you.”

The actress who played Krasinski’s daughter suggested a change. She said that this line describes the hardest part of their lives, and knowing that her father has always loved them was important.

Michelle Yeoh requested to change the name of her character.

Before Michelle Yeoh agreed to the role in Everything Everywhere All at Once, she requested a change to the name of the main character. Her name was supposed to be Michelle Wong, but she asked for it to be Evelyn.

Yeoh explained her condition like this, “I’m not an Asian immigrant mother who’s running a laundromat. She needs her own voice.”

Zoë Kravitz suggested that Catwoman have long nails.

The actress that played Catwoman in The Batman suggested that her character have long nails. Zoë didn’t want polish on them to make them look beautiful and scary at the same time.

Ryan Reynolds came up with funny scenes for Free Guy.

Ryan Reynolds, who played the main character, and director Shawn Levy spent a lot of time in the editing room. And during the post-production stage, Reynolds suggested a few funny scenes. So, they took a camera and went to film the scenes. That’s how they got the scene with gamer girls that are actually the director’s daughters.

Olivia Colman’s character’s role was rewritten around her pregnancy.

Colman played a spy when she was expecting a baby. The creators of The Night Manager didn’t plan anything like this. But when the actress told them about her situation, they decided to make the character pregnant.

Imelda Staunton asked for padding in her suits.

Imelda Staunton, who played Dolores Umbridge, wanted to wear padding. Her idea was to look softer and rounder, and she wasn’t supposed to have any hard edges. Umbridge needed to look soft and warm, even though she was cruel, hungry for power, and crazy about control.

The costume designers for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix agreed and added the padding to Staunton’s clothes. And she started walking more like a duck, which the actress loved.


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