13 Genius Products That Will Help You Treat Your Pet Like True Royalty

8 months ago

Pets are not just creatures we can cuddle with but also beings that relax us, understand us when we feel sad, and treat us like family. And they are our family since they sleep in our homes and eat from our hands. So it’s understandable that we want to offer them everything we can and buy them tools and toys to make their lives easier and better. Hopefully, these 11 products will bring even more joy and comfort to your pet and yourself.

1. A portable dog water bottle that is fully leakproof, and you can take it anywhere with you. You press the button to release the water, and you can press it again to put any leftover water back in the bottle.

The bottle is made of food-grade material, so it’s perfectly safe for your dog to drink from it. The size is enough for a long walk or a small excursion in nature. You can either fit it in your bag or carry it in your hand through the strap.

Promising review: I absolutely love this thing! I use it every time I take my dog with me on car rides. It’s bigger than I expected and perfect for small to medium-sized pets. It’s super easy to clean by hand, and the mechanism is super straightforward. It also sits nicely in my cup holder. @Lizzy

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2. A pet brush for long or short-haired cats and dogs. It features a release button, so you can easily remove the fur. Apart from removing hair, it also massages your pet gently. The bristles can penetrate deep into the fur without hurting the skin.

After you finish brushing your pet, just push the button, and the hair will detach from the bristles. The brush is made from strong ABS material, and it is extremely hard for it to break. Before you start the brushing, ensure your cat is calm and lying down.

Promising review: I was skeptical when buying this brush because my boy cat doesn’t like any and won’t let me brush him even though he sheds more than my long hair girls, and he has short hair. It definitely works better for short hair cats. It’s really easy to remove the cat hair, and it comes out completely. The bristles themselves have rubber on them, so it massages the cat’s coat without being rough on their skin. @Zaarah

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3. An automatic cat laser toy that has 3-speed modes, with each mode featuring a different color light. You can place it anywhere you want and easily rotate it to fit your cat’s needs. It is very quiet, so it won’t bother you if you have to work while your cat is playing.

The laser turns off for 1.5 hours after every 10 minutes of operating to make sure your cat doesn’t get overstimulated. It is charged with a type-C USB cable in just 2 hours. It can be suctioned anywhere you wish, and it has 9 angles. Make sure to place it high or somewhere your cat can’t reach.

Promising review: I like that this is rechargeable. Seems to last a day or 2. The cats went wild over it the first few days. I think if I aim it at a different direction, it would probably intrigue the cats to the same level again.
Worth the cost compared to other toys, meaning I’ve spent more on things my cats have no interest in. And it makes me feel less guilty about going to work every day and leaving them alone. It wants me to rate motion detection, but I didn’t realize it has that feature. I haven’t been able to get the suction cup to stick where I wanted it. @Vryadorable1976

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4. A slow feeder bowl that comes in different sizes and shapes. It can slow down the eating speed of your pet up to 10 times. It is also a fun way for your pet to eat their food. It is lightweight and works perfectly for dry, wet, and raw food.

The bowl is 11.75″ in diameter and 2.25″ in depth, and you can carry it anywhere with you. It can hold up to 4 cups of dry food and be cleaned in the dishwasher for easier cleaning. There are different designs for the bowls that slightly increase the level of difficulty or make it easier.

Promising review: My 3 lbs chihuahua always self-fed himself throughout the day, one pebble at a time, so I never had to worry about monitoring his eating. He came into dome digestion problems which threw him off his eating schedule. He went from not eating at all to overeating because he would skip meals.
When he would eat, he would eat so fast because he was so hungry from skipping his earlier meals. He eats so quickly that it exasperates his bloating issues. The vet couldn’t help us as these were brief episodes that would go away by the time we took him in. So in order to do anything to help him and limit his symptoms, we bought him this bowl. @AriQuinn

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5. An automatic pet water fountain that dispenses the right amount of water to your pet. It can accommodate all dogs and cats, and it features a water window where you can see when a refill is needed. You can turn on and off the LED light whenever you want.

The fountain has 2 settings: one as a flower waterfall and another as a gentle waterfall. It also has a filtering system that keeps water clean and safe for pets through coconut shell-activated carbon. The water pump is very quiet and uses very little energy to operate. In most cases, it lasts 1.5-2 years.

Promising review: Two of my cats have the bad habit of dipping their crusty, liter-coated paws in the water bowl, and since it’s stagnant, it just collects, and I have to frequently change and wash the bowl part. Got the fountain and put it next to the water bowl, and observed if they all used it. Happy to say all three used it. Neither of them went to drink out of the water bowl.
The running water attracts them. And it’s also kept them from sticking their paws in, so no more dirty water. It comes with filters, but you can also out-filtered water if you wanna keep the filters lasting a bit longer. The fountain is actually pretty quiet, and the LED light it has helps, so you don’t trip over it at night. @Aracely

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6. Pet grooming gloves that help you wash and brush your pet gently. They can be used on cats, dogs, and even horses. They give your pet the feeling of a massage while helping you do the job you need to do. They are great for long and short-haired animals.

When brushing your pet, the hair sticks to the gloves, and therefore it’s easier to remove it and keep them clean. Unlike other brushes, these gloves make it easier for you to reach harder-to-get areas, such as the tail and ears. The gloves come in one size, and you can adjust the wrist strap for a perfect fit.

Promising review: First and foremost, the quality of the Pet Grooming Gloves is exceptional. The gloves are crafted with care, using high-quality materials that are gentle on my pets’ skin. The efficiency of these gloves is impressive.
The silicone bristles effectively capture and remove loose hair, preventing it from ending up on furniture or clothes. The gloves are suitable for both long and short hair dogs, cats, and even horses. The versatile design allows me to groom my pets with ease, reaching difficult-to-reach areas such as the tail, belly, and behind the ears. @Online Gourmet

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7. A portable dog paw cleaner that comes in different sizes depending on your dog’s size. The gadget has soft silicone bristles that remove dirt and mud from a dog’s paws. You can either take the cleaner with you or have it at home when you return from a walk.

To use the cleaner, just add water inside. Insert one paw at a time and twist over the bristles. Then, just use a clean towel to dry the paws. After you finish using it, just take the top off and remove the dirty water. It is BPA free, and you can carry it anywhere with you. Just don’t fill it with water beforehand since it is not leakproof.

Promising review: The mud buster is a fantastic addition to our two-dog household. Infinitely more effective than wiping paws with towels! With only three pieces, it is quick to assemble, disassemble, and clean. The dogs adapted to it quickly, and seeing the water turn brown is very satisfying! The medium size is perfect for our ~60 lbs lab mix pups. @DW

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8. An anti-anxiety donut bed that is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs. It is very soft, cuddly, and also waterproof. It is filled with high-quality cotton, and on the outside, it features faux fur. It helps relieve your pet’s joint and muscle pain.

The bed has bulges around the circular middle, which makes a pet feel supported and fully safe. It also helps them curl up easier. It is advised to measure your pet before deciding on what size you are purchasing. The bottom of the bed is made with anti-slip PVC material, which provides better stability.

Promising review: We love this for our new baby! Our puppy is a Shihpoo and is just 8 weeks old, still very tiny, so this is huge for him. It has truly helped with the transition to his new home with us, as he loves to snuggle it when he takes his nap.
The material doesn’t get caught on his nails like some blankets we have. It’s super soft and expanded as soon as we removed it from the package. Also, larger than I imagined. Haven’t tried to clean it yet but so far I’m super happy with this purchase! @Dion

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9. A 2-pack of licking mats perfect for dogs and cats. You can just add some peanut butter to them and let your pet fight their boredom through licking. The back of the mats have 77 suction cups, which means they can be placed on any surface.

The mats have 4 different textured areas, so you can place different foods on each one of them. They are perfect for dogs and cats of all sizes, and they manage to reduce stress and give them a sense of calmness. The material of the mats is food-grade silicone, and it is perfectly safe for your pets to touch and eat from.

Promising review: Got this lick mat to keep my dog distracted while we cook dinner. It didn’t keep my dog as interested as I hoped. He loves peanut butter but won’t lick PB off this. He sometimes licks yogurt or canned squash. Sometimes not. His favorite topping so far is coconut oil.
Some days he gets excited about it, and other days he can’t be bothered. The mat itself is well-made, comes clean in the dishwasher, and suction cups keep it from moving as much as if it didn’t have suction. I like that this one came with a spatula for spreading food on it. @Amazon Customer

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10. A cooling mat that can be placed on beds, crates, or the floor. It doesn’t need any refrigeration or electricity, since its cooling gel charges itself in just 15 minutes. And it offers 3 full hours of cooling properties to your pet.

The cooling gel inside the mat doesn’t require anything from you, not even water. It cools itself when needed. The mat has been tested, and it is 100% safe to be used by any pet you might have at home. It measures at 27″ x 43″, and it can hold animals up to 80 pounds. It is portable, so you can keep your pet cool no matter the place.

Promising review: I got this for my cats as a precaution for the summer weather, but they actually seem to not need it, which is good. I live in a camper and can’t run my ac all the time yet. I don’t run my AC while asleep and have been heating up at those times, so one day, I just laid on this, and it worked like magic. It absorbed my body heat and cooled me down, and I slept perfectly fine. When I woke up, the mat was very warm because of how it works, but I felt cool.
I just let this lay flat on my RV couch when I’m not using it, and about 20 minutes later, it’ll be cool to touch. I use this with my shirt off and just shorts on, so I make skin contact. The mat is thin and slightly squishy because of the gel inside. The cover material is smooth and waterproof. Folds well because of how thin it is, but I always just let mine lay on the couch. @Sammy

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11. A dog doorbell your favorite pup can learn to ring whenever it is time to go outside. The tool has 3 different lengths, so dogs of all sizes can easily use it. The bells are of high quality and won’t get rusty.

The belt that holds the bells is made of heavy-duty nylon and has been tested for durability. The connection parts of the bells and snap points are thick. No matter how badly the dog destroys the belt, it won’t break. It’s a fun way to teach your dog when to let you know that they need to use the exterior space.

Promising review: The best 8 bucks I’ve ever spent. My 4-month-old puppy is learning potty training, but was having some accidents inside. I hung it on my door, and it took him like 5 minutes to learn how to use it.
It is really helping with his potty training. Every time I hear those bells ringing I stop what I’m doing and let Archie outside. I feel he will be fully potty-trained in no time with the help of this little gadget. @CALI-GIRL

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12. A dog grooming kit that will not only vacuum the unwanted hair but also clip your dog’s nails. It has 7 different grooming tools for different tasks and features a large 7-litre dust cup. It has a powerful suction and the noise it makes is very minimal.

The grooming tool dives deep into your dog’s hair to remove the knots and massage your pet at the same time. The massage it offers is great for blood circulation and skin metabolism. The long hose helps you keep some distance from your pet while grooming it so they won’t get scared.

Promising review: I reviewed a lot of grooming kits for dogs and I settled on this one. I am very happy with it. It cut very well without pulling the dog’s hair. It does have noise to it and my puppy was a little scared but it isn’t that bad. My puppy is only five months old and only 20 pounds but it only took about 15 minutes to cut his body. This was his first haircut so he had lots of hair but I only used the 1/2 blade. I would highly recommend this product for your dog. @Karla Harings-Post

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13. A paw hand washer that can be attached on the shower or on the hose outside. It combines the effects of a washer and a scrubber and helps you control the flow of the water with one hand while you massage your pet with the other.

The Aquapaw is very easy to install and is made of durable materials. The tool can fit in all hands no matter their size. The on/off button is very easily reachable. The tool is perfectly safe for all pets, and you can install it indoors or outdoors in every faucet, shower head or hose you want to.

Promising review: Really useful product for those bathing at home, either in the tub or outside with a hose. The kit comes with a connection for either the tub or hose so attaching the Aqua Paw when it’s bath time is simple once it’s installed. Our favorite part is the on/off button from the paw itself, so you have great control while bathing your pup. @SF

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Our pets are our family, and it’s important that we give them the things they need and want. There are so many gadgets and toys out there you might need but not even know it.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews may have been edited for length and clarity.

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