11 People Who Unexpectedly Overheard Others Talking About Them

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Most of us have wondered before what some people really think about us, or if they ever talk about us behind our back. Well, a few folks got their answer when accidentally overhearing others talking about them. From office gossip to secret family moments, these people were not ready for what they heard.

  • This isn’t my story, but it’s my favorite.
    My college professor researched Egyptian mummified cats. He was back at the British Museum looking at some cats, and they had a staff shift while he was still in there. He started talking to the new guy on his way out and the guy says, «If you’re interested in mummified cats, you should talk to [professor’s name]. He’s the world’s expert in mummified cats.» My professor was speechless for a moment and then said, «I’m [professor’s name].»
    And that’s how he learned he was the world’s expert. © uselessfoster / Reddit
  • I was home from college and my parents thought I was asleep. Heard them complimenting each other on how they «did a good job» raising me. © quantumhobbit / Reddit
  • I had a girl over (first time dating in years) and my roommate (female, super close friend) was there as well. Heard my roommate say, «I know he’s shy and a little awkward at first but give it a shot, he’s super sweet and really funny once he’s comfortable, he’s worth the effort.» It gave me a huge, much-needed boost, since I struggle with confidence and usually don’t like myself. © theImplication** / Reddit
  • I worked really hard on creating an art project for my 1st grade class. I heard on student say to the other, «This is the best project we’ve had all year!» © addalittlesparkle / Reddit
  • I was on a conference call with one of our clients, and they didn’t know I was on it (or hadn’t heard I was there as I was just taking notes) and they said, «It’s a shame [my name] isn’t on this call as I’d like him to know that he’s positively changed the working life of many people and his work was much appreciated.» I had to walk away and cry as it was my last day. © LantusSolostar / Reddit
  • I was joking around with some acquaintances at a party and somebody got me with a really funny joke. I started giggling like a madman and I heard a girl on the other end of the room turn to my sister and say, «I just love his laugh, it’s so happy!» and she responded, «I know!» That still makes me smile when I remember. © pmapic4acompliment / Reddit
  • Once, at a drive through, I was given an extra $20 bill change by accident. I gave it back to the clerk, and as I drove away I heard her turn to her co-worker and say, «What an honest guy!»
    Then I heard her co-worker say, «Yeah, and he was really hot, too!»
    I blushed so hard the whole way home with my greasy cheeseburger. © OneFaraday / Reddit
  • I’m a journalist. When I was working a news internship at a local TV station, I was asked to go do some quick «man on the street» interviews on the other side of town. After we got back to the newsroom, I heard the camera guy (a veteran of like 30 years who’s worked with some of the best reporters in my city) say to our executive producer, «You know, that kid’s a real journalist.»
    Gave me the biggest confidence boost ever as an intern. I’m now employed full time at that news outlet as of four days ago. © White_Cocoapuff / Reddit
  • I worked in a call center for a while, and we weren’t meant to hang up first (the system saw calls where we hung up as fishy and would need to be reviewed, so they messed up our stats) and one day after setting a lady up with a cheaper than subscription she didn’t hang up properly, and I heard her say, «That lady was really lovely!»
    I had to go away from the calls for a minute cus it made me really emotional. That job was tough so it was nice to see I wasn’t becoming a bad person. © icypops / Reddit
  • I don’t have a lot of co-workers (about 13 altogether, and I only work directly with 4-5). But when I was in the break room, I heard a few of them talking about a coworker they don’t like, saying she’s rude to everyone. And one of them said, «She’s pretty nice to [my name].» And the others said, «Well, everyone likes [my name], pretty hard not to.» It was hard to walk back in there and not be like LOVE YOU TOO, THANKS GUYS. © merlot-o / Reddit
  • I was visiting my old workplace after leaving a couple years prior. As I was walking away from an old employee, I overheard a new person ask who I was. She replied, «That’s [my name], he is the reason I was able to become a manager.»
    I am a Human Resources Manager by trade. That almost made me cry on the spot. © 808guamie / Reddit

Stories online can be a lot creepier, though. In this article, people share their own eerie experiences which they were never able to find a logical explanation for.

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