12+ Celebrity Pairs Who Are Surprisingly the Same Age

2 years ago

Believe it or not, Kevin McCallister from Home Alone and Noah from The Notebook are the same age. Because of the roles they play and the image we have of them in our minds, sometimes it might be truly shocking to learn that 2 of our favorite celebrities were born in the same year.

Bright Side has collected the most striking comparisons of famous people who are the same age for our audience to explore.

1. Jason Earles (Jackson from Hannah Montana) and John Cena, 43 years old

2. Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling, 40 years old

3. Cole Sprouse and Cardi B, 28 years old

4. Adele and Vanessa Hudgens, 32 years old

5. Matt Damon and Nick Offerman, 50 years old

6. Christina Ricci and Kim Kardashian, both born in 1980

7. Mayim Bialik and Angelina Jolie, 45 years old

8. Martin Freeman and Jared Leto, 49 years old

9. Emilia Clarke and Lady Gaga, 34 years old

10. Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Prince William, 38 years old

11. Paris Hilton and Serena Williams, both born in 1981

12. Gwen Stefani and Cate Blanchett, 51 years old

13. Keanu Reeves and Nicolas Cage, both born in 1964

Which of these comparisons did you find the most shocking? Let us know in the comments!


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Your showing pictures of people when they are 10 next to 40 year olds..


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