12 Comics Illustrate How Men Have Changed Over the Past Few Decades

4 years ago

Our world has changed over the last few decades and we’ve changed too. Both men and women’s behavior, standards, goals, and appearances are different now. Today, we’d like to compare modern men with those who’ve lived in the past.

Bright Side has created some illustrations depicting men then and now. We’ve decided to let our imagination run wild and show guys as majestic animals. Check out the result!

Their appearance has changed incredibly.

Saying, “hello” today is quite different.

To exercise and wear workout clothes isn’t enough nowadays.

Today, men take more pride in their beards.

A modern man’s wealth isn’t always visible.

There are more options on what to spend money on if you want to look stylish.

The size of clothing has also changed.

Places where friends meet and hang out have changed too.

To earn big money, all some of us have to do is connect to the Internet.

Sometimes the Internet is even more important than sleep.

Modern men are a bit more tender.

And leading a healthy lifestyle is at the peak of its popularity.

So, what animal is your man most like? And if you’re a man, which one can you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments!

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for Bright Side


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