13 Awesome Items to Pamper Your Pet With

5 years ago

Each pet owner feels so sorry for their 4-legged friends when they have to leave them for a while or postpone a walk if it rains. Fortunately, these problems have great solutions and you can find them in this article. Even if you don’t have a pet, we think that you’ll find these items really interesting and maybe even weird.

Bright Side invites you to have a look at the most interesting pet gadgets and decide whether your cat or dog needs them or not.

Pet camera

This device is even cooler than it looks. It can be attached to your wall right at your pet’s eye level which means you can always reach your 4-legged friend. The gadget is also supplied with a treat system, calming aromatherapy, and educational games.

LED dog collar

This stunning and useful accessory can save your dog’s life at night. The leash has several light modes and you can even choose the color: green, red, pink, blue, yellow, or orange.

Pet sleeping bag

This item is really useful for those who like to travel with their pets. The sleeping bag is made of water-repellent and breathable material. What’s more, the bag features a warm padding between the outer layer and the lining that will keep your pet warm even during cold nights.

A bed in a bed

If you can’t allow your pet to sleep with you, you could get a pet bed built into the box spring of your own bed. Now you won’t feel sorry that your dog has to sleep on the floor — it’ll have its own soft and comfy mattress right below you.

Doggy window

This interesting window may be installed in a fence or in a doghouse. Small windows contain big vision: pets get to observe their external environment at any time and don’t have to worry about anything — they have everything under control.

Dog umbrella

Now you don’t have to skip walks even if it rains. This accessory is designed for smaller animals that like to take leisurely strolls and the cane isn’t that long, so your pet won’t run away.

A pet feeder with an identification microchip

It’s the perfect gadget for those who have 2 or more pets. The feeder identifies animals via an identification microchip and doesn’t let them steal each other’s food. It’s also useful for overweight pets: the feeder won’t let them eat more than they are allowed.

Pet Twitter

Thanks to a cute blue Puppy Tweets locket that can be attached to a collar, you always know what your pet is up to. This accessory detects all the animal’s moves (barking, running, or napping) and sends you tweets. There are over 500 pre-loaded phrases.

Dog doorbell

Your dog won’t have to scratch the door asking you to let it in anymore. All you need is a doorbell — just pick one of 36 tunes.

Cat door

door for cats works the same way as the feeder above: it identifies an animal by a microchip. Now when your cat goes for a walk, you don’t have to worry that it’ll come home with a couple of friends.


Many pet owners treat their pets as their children. So manufacturers offer lots of different strollers. There are ones with a bowl holder and a treat storage basket inside. If you have 2 dogs, there are double strollers.

Pet pouch

This pet holder pouch has a soft, removable, machine-washable liner that is easy to clean. There are also hidden zippered hand pockets that are separate from the inner pet carrier pocket.

Pedigree detection

Wisdom Panel 4.0 is a pocket DNA test that unfolds the secrets of your dog’s DNA. You’ll only need to take a smear and send it to a laboratory. You’ll even receive the result on your smartphone.

Are you interested in getting any of these items?

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