14 Celebrities Who Decided Not to Hide Their Protruding Ears and Proudly Show Them to the World

2 years ago

Small imperfections are the most memorable features that make someone’s face truly unforgettable. These celebrities got an extra blessing from Mother Nature, and their ears are either unusually shaped, slightly bigger, or stick out in a very adorable way. But these stars never thought of hiding their ears behind long hair — in fact, many of them turned their ears into their trademarks.

From Will Smith’s goofy ears to Nicole Kidman’s slightly bigger earlobes, Bright Side is putting the spotlight on celebrities who are proud of their unusually shaped ears.

1. Courteney Cox

2. Kate Hudson

3. Will Smith

4. Sofia Vergara

5. Channing Tatum

6. Cate Blanchett

7. Ginnifer Goodwin

8. Miley Cyrus

9. Jennifer Garner

10. Katie Holmes

11. Kristen Stewart

12. Daniel Craig

13. Michael Phelps

14. Nicole Kidman

Do you know other celebrities who have ears that stick out? Do you prefer to cover up your ears with hair or show them off?


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