14 Inventive Parents and Teachers Who’d Find a Key to Any Child

5 years ago

While some adults try to teach their children to take care of their toys, others get very angry when kids don’t listen to them. The most inventive mothers, fathers, and teachers know how to get the results they need. Their children learn their phone numbers in 5 seconds, keep calm during sports games, and eat vegetables no matter what. Do you want to know how they do all that? You’ll learn it from our article!

Bright Side believes that being inventive when it comes to raising children is what you need to make your children grow up to be good people.

1. A trick that always works

2. “Father of the Year”

3. “My kids love Happy Meals. I don’t like spending $15 on each trip so I made my own at home (I saved the packaging from a previous trip). They LOVED IT!”

4. Master of manipulation

5. This is how you play with a child.

6. Absolute power

7. Wow! This is brilliant!

8. And some people say it’s expensive to have children...

9. “My toddler was busy for over 30 minutes playing with these window stickers on the plane. Easy to pack, fun for them, and CHEAP!”

10. An interesting way to punish

11. The right motivation

12. This is harsh.

13. “His school had a ’millionaire bash’ for the kids that read over a million words in the school year. Celebs for a day.”

14. How can you do this?

Do you have any tips and tricks to help you control your children? Share them with us!


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This has to be saved for the future, these things are way too good and will be a lot of help when I become a parent myself :D


#7 can be used for any type of cleaning around the house! Amazing parenting hack ha-ha :D


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