14 Photos That Prove It’s Always a Good Idea to Leave Children With Their Dads

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2 years ago

There is a special bond between fathers and children that is hard to recognize right away. Behind every father’s stern look, there is a kind and loving heart, and also a desire to have fun.

We at Bright Side have prepared a compilation that shows the best part about fathers’ parenting skills.

“My dad thought 2-year-old me was strong enough to hang from the curtain rod while he took a picture.”

Mermaid and her mer-dad at Disneyland

Also, fathers have a great sense of humor.

“My first and newborn son is jaundiced and receiving light therapy. So as a dad, I made sure he let the nurses know how he was feeling behind that mask.”

“In my defense, he isn’t that good yet.”

That father really wanted to get a good dolphin picture.

Dad executes a great save at the game.

“My dad slept on the couch for a week after my mom found this...”

Some dads are ready to do anything to get some quiet time.

Sometimes they do crazy things, but the kids enjoy it.

File this under things that happen when mom is not home.

It’s just a dad being a dad. He wants to play his favorite game!

Well here’s a Happy Father’s Day!

Their parental instincts work, even when they are asleep.

Do you have any funny dad stories that have happened to you? Share them in the comment section below!

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I remember my father loved to give me different hairstyles. Some of them were actually really funny

Ahhh.. nostalgic


My dad was kinda strict to me, I wish I had so much fun with him :(


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