14 Things Worth Replacing Every Year Even If We Don’t Want to Spend Money on Them

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3 years ago

There are household items that last for years, or even decades. They might look reliable and long-lasting, however, the service life of most of them is limited. After their lifespan is over, these seemingly innocent items might become really dangerous.

We at Bright Side held a thorough check in our closets and cabinets and made a list of things that’ll last you for no more than one year.

Plastic containers

Modern research shows that even food containers with the “doesn’t contain bisphenol A and phthalates” sign release estrogen-like chemicals that can cause serious health problems like diabetes, obesity, and cancer. An ordinary heating up of lunch in the microwave can cause the release of toxic substances. It’s especially dangerous when the container has scratches. It is advisable to change plastic containers at least once a year, without waiting for them to lose their initial shape or become murky.

Plastic cutting boards

Cutting boards from any materials (plastic, wood) have a lot of cracks on them where microbes and bacteria accumulate. In order to not risk the health of family members, experts recommend changing them at least once a year.


The mechanism of the peeler tends to fade, rust, and become dull quite quickly. In order to not complicate the process of cooking and not endanger your health, it is better to renew this kitchen utensil annually.

Wooden knife holder

This kitchen accessory is oftentimes put near a sink, which together with wet knives that are inserted into it, spoils it greatly. As a result, the material turns dark and fungi that are harmful for your health might appear in the cracks. Therefore, the same rule applies to the wooden stand for kitchen knives as it does to wooden cutting boards. Also, make sure to wipe your knives dry after every wash.


When used frequently, potholders quickly wear out due to the constant friction with kitchen objects. Over time the fabric gets thinner, less durable, and less heat-resistant. Due to the thinning of the material, potholders that look perfectly normal and have no holes or scuffs, can suddenly let heat through. In order to protect ourselves from burns, we recommend that you not wait until potholders lose their presentable look completely and just go ahead and refresh them regularly.

Experienced chefs recommend replacing cotton potholders with fireproof silicone gloves that will serve you for years.

Olive and coconut oils

After their expiration date is over, many oils become bitter and lose their useful properties. This statement applies to olive and coconut oils as well. Their shelf life is limited to 12 months.

Hair brush

Even when washed thoroughly, small particles that make your hair dirtier faster, and that make it brittle and lifeless, stay on the brush. The piles of microbes and bacteria that live in the micro-cracks of the material can become a reason for itchy skin, dandruff, and various hair issues. Experts recommend washing hairbrushes at least once a week and replacing them at least once a year.

Nail polish

As a rule, the shelf life of nail polish is 1-1.5 years. Keep in mind that storing those bottles near sources of heat and light leads to thickening, discoloration, and, as a result, quicker expiration of the product.

Shower curtain

Keeping shower curtains clean is as important as, for example, keeping your toilet clean and fresh. This is all because bathrooms have all the necessary conditions for accumulating fungi and mold. It’s important to regularly wash both fabric and plastic bath curtains and get rid of them after one year of use without any regrets.

Menstrual cups

Reusable menstrual cups have already conquered the hearts of women who care about the environment. However, it turns out that these durable feminine hygiene products need to be replaced regularly. You should replace a menstrual cup with a new one every 6 months to 10 years, depending on the instructions.

Yoga mat

The service life of a yoga mat depends on many factors, like the quality of the material it is made from and the frequency you use it. Unpleasant odor, excessive slipperiness, thinness, and visible signs of being worn out are sure indicators that the mat has become unusable. According to experts, yoga mats should be replaced annually.

PVA adhesive

Buying one bottle of PVA adhesive for life is not a good idea. The shelf life of this useful in the household product is limited to one year. After this, the adhesive will simply go bad, get thick, and lose its initial properties. That’s why you should make sure to replace it in time.

Dust bags for vacuum cleaners

In order to make the cleaning process really effective and make the vacuum cleaner serve you longer, dust bags should be cleaned at regular intervals. After each use, they are literally clogged with bacteria, mold, and dust. Professional vacuum cleaner manufacturers recommend changing dust bags every 12 months.

Mattress toppers

It’s not a secret that pillows and bedsheets should be refreshed regularly. How about mattress toppers? They serve as a barrier, protecting the mattress from dust and microbes. According to research, every day, on average, one person sheds enough dead skin cells to feed up to 1.5 million dust mites. In order to protect your own health and make the mattress topper serve you longer, it’s advisable to swap an old mattress topper for a new one every year.

Which household items do you change every year and which do you change once a month?

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