14 Times Celebrities Could Easily Win ’Photobomb of the Year’ Award

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There are 7.6 billion people currently living in the world. No wonder that when taking pictures in public we often see strangers in the background. Sometimes these strangers totally rock at photobombing. And celebrities are no exception when it comes to making someone else’s photos hilarious.

Bright Side collected 14 of the funniest pictures of celebrity photobombs for your enjoyment.

1. Jennifer Lawrence won that Oscar for a reason.

2. Prince Harry is a King... of photobombing.

3. Apparently photobombing runs in the family.

4. Can I have a photobomb like this one too?

5. “My friend tried to secretly snap a picture Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield eating dinner — here’s the result.”

6. Rihanna definitely made this photo better.

7. The perks of being friends with George Clooney

8. Jake Gyllenhaal is a photobomb pro.

9. This is what brothers are for.

10. These 2 are just incredible.

11. Pretty Little... photobomb.

12. Tom Hanks photobombed Elisabeth and Ryan’s wedding photoshoot.

13. James Harden keeps up with the Kardashians.

14. Neil Patrick Harris ruined a perfect family photo.

Which photo is your favorite? Have you ever been photobombed by famous people? Let us know in the comments below!

Preview photo credit cindycrawford / instagram


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