15 Albino Animals That Enrich the Beauty of Our Planet

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Albino animals can have a tough time in the wild because of poor eyesight and their inability to camouflage. However, some are lucky to be protected by people who truly cherish them. This is the case of albino squirrels in the city of Olney, in Illinois, who have been part of the city’s history since at least 1902. There they have laws to protect these special creatures, including right-of-way on all streets and sidewalks.

1. A Western Lowland gorilla named “Snowflake”

East News

2. A crocodile


3. A wallaby with her offspring

4. A Gentoo penguin in Antarctica

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5. A rare albino nutria

AP/Associated Press/East News

6. A hedgehog

AP/East News

7. An albino grey squirrel seen in England

8. An albino blackbuck and one with its usual coloration

9. A ferret

10. A koala at the San Diego Zoo

11. An albino giant gourami and one with its normal body color

12. The first albino feline found in Colombia.


Although the race of the feline is still unknown, researchers believe it is either a jaguar or an ocelot.

13. An albino monkey with an infant monkey

14. A zebra

15. A Bengal tiger cub

AA/ABACA/Abaca/East News

Have you ever seen an albino animal in the wild or at a zoo? Show us your own pics in the comments!


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