15 Curious Items That Raised Eyebrows

4 months ago

Sometimes we come across things that we don’t understand, and it makes us curious. In the past, we had to go to libraries or find experts from the time when those things were used to get answers. But now, thanks to the internet, there’s a whole group of people acting like detectives. They’re really determined to uncover the mysteries of any strange object, no matter how tough it is. And the intriguing items we’ve gathered for you today will undoubtedly leave you in a state of awe and confusion.

1. ’’What’s this angry faced plastic lady?’’

Answer: This is an Angry Mama. It is used for cleaning microwaves. Take her hair off and fill the first line with vinegar, then water. She’s microwaved for a few minutes and the steam that is released through her head holes help loosen dried on crud inside of the microwave.

2. ’’My grandparents use it. Fits in my hand. What is it for?!’’

Answer: My schoolteacher uses something similar as a paperweight.

3. ’’I found this in the cushions of my couch. It’s metal, playing card shape and size.’’

Answer: It’s an “onion plate”. After you finish cutting onions, you are supposed to wipe your hands with the plate like it was soap to remove the onion smell.

4. ’’I found this red and clear rubber toy-like thing!’’

Answer: Oh! It’s a Lego part. It’s a pair of balloons held by a Lego figure.

5. ’’What’s this weird band with bra-like loops in my lingerie drawer?’’

Answer: It is a bra extender for low back tops. So that the back of the bra wouldn’t be visible.

6. ’’What’s this glass bowl type item found buried in the yard?’’

Answer: It’s an oil lamp.

7. ’’What is this knob like thing? Metal, brass, 4 inches, threaded holes on both sides. I have 5 of them, all the same.’’

Answer: They are curtain tie backs. They are mounted on the wall, and when you open the curtains, you tuck them behind it.

8. ’’What is this thing? The inside opens up to empty space, it’s disconnected from the desk below.’’

Answer: It’s a bed desk. There’s supposed to be a metal bar underneath that slots into the wooden tray, so you can prop it up at different angles for reading and stuff. It’s like a more robust bed/lap tray.

9. ’’What’s this green, translucent substance found on beach? It looks like glass but has gel or Jello like consistency.’’

Answer: It might be sodium polyacrylate. It’s the stuff commonly used nowadays in diapers to absorb moisture. It starts out more solid and turns into a jelly texture after being exposed to water.

10. ’’I found this in the bathroom of the house we just bought. It is made of metal and screwed into the wall and has a hole in the middle.’’

Answer: It’s a toilet paper roll holder and it’s missing a part.

11. ’’What’s this 5-inch-long plastic thing with spring inside?’’

Answer: It’s an old school chip (as in integrated circuit) puller/seater. Used when chips were still removable from their sockets.

12. ’’What is this towel received as a wedding gift?’’

Answer: It’s just a decorative hand towel to hang from the stove handle. It’s designed to look like a cute little dress.

13. ’’I found this black plastic thing attached to my backpack. It doesn’t make a noise, has ’WG’ inscribed on it. What is it?’’

Answer: It’s a security tag. A WG IR-4 alarm tag.

14. ’’What is this white plastic thing that folds?’’

Answer: It’s a phone stand.

15. ’’What is this bag of liquid that was hung in front of a house?’’

Answer: Some people believe that putting a penny in a bag of water keeps flies away.

If you’d like to further explore the world of curious finds, then check out this article.

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