16 Lucky People Who Happened to Find Little Treasures Without Breaking a Sweat

year ago

No worries if you can’t win the lottery, you can still find small treasures from time to time. However, instead of buying a lottery ticket, you just have to look around — it’s as simple as that. Although you might not find a fortune, you will at least get some likes on social media, just like these 16 people did.

1. “These carrots that grew around each other at the farm I work at.”

2. “One-eyed glass”

3. “Stewie Griffin has appeared in my candle.”

4. “My cat cries when I cut onions.”

5. “This really large leaf my friend and I found on a walk”

6. “A toucan skeleton”

7. “My cat’s paws are multicolored.”

8. “The music is not in the notes but in the silence between them.”

9. “This guy driving around with his pet iguana”

10. “The airport has a section of rocking chairs in baggage claim.”

11. “This balding rock”

12. “This building in Detroit is being built from the top down in layers.”

13. “A Prague spaceship, ready for lift-off”

14. “Sheepshead fish have almost human-like teeth.”

15. “Snapdragon seed pods”

16. “Opened this box upside down and saw this.”

You belong to 10% of people opening box upsidedown.
10% Discount code for your next purchase.”

When was the last time you found something interesting? What is the weirdest but, at the same time, coolest thing you’ve ever found?

Preview photo credit xubery / Reddit, poyup / Reddit


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