15 Objects That Have the Strangest Purposes

7 months ago

The Internet has connected people worldwide in amazing ways and has significantly improved our lives. It allows us to stay informed about what our friends are doing at any time and provides quick answers to all our questions. Many decades ago, when we encountered a curious object, finding an explanation was not easy. Nowadays, we can simply ask online, just as the people on this list did, and the answers they received were sometimes mind-blowing.

1. ’’I found this hidden under the floorboards in my boyfriend’s place. Is it what I think it is?’’

Answer: Hmm, it’s used to remove the top of soft-boiled eggs.

2. ’’What is this chain mail partial glove?’’

Answer: It’s a vintage glove used for fishing/boning/filleting.

3. ’’Double-bowl sink with a hole connecting them, the tap does not reach the second bowl. What is it used for?’’

Answer: It is for schools; you can put a sponge there.

4. ’’What are these random glass pieces with no identifiable marks?’’

Answer: A lot of glassblowers turn their left-over bits into paperweights for sale, which is what these look like to me.

5. ’’What is this dial with a chain that goes into the floor of this old house?’’

Answer: My grandmother’s house had these back in the day of the convection flow hot air furnaces. They operated dampers in the hot air ducts to control heat levels in the living spaces.

6. ’’What is this thing found in a bedside drawer? The bottom seems to be of suede/soft leather.’’

Answer: It’s a nail buffer.

7. ’’Both are about the size of a quarter, but red on the top and gold on the bottom. Very lightweight. Made of metal and plastic. What are they?’’

Answer: They are clip-on earrings.

8. ’’My neighbors pointed this camera-looking device at my backyard. What is it?’’

Answer: Careful... It seems like your neighbors are fed up of your dog.

9. ’’What is this string and hook in my dorm shower for?’’

Answer: It’s a shower curtain chain.

10. ’’What are these compartments for on this bottle opener?’’

Answer: They’re extra bottle caps so you can recap your drink.

11. ’’What is the purpose of the vertical slot in this hotel’s bedside table?’’

Answer: I asked at the front desk of a hotel when I saw that; was told it’s for laptop/tablet storage while charging overnight without taking up the whole nightstand.

12. ’’What’s this metal cube with a round gem inside?’’

Answer: It’s a necklace pendant.

13. ’’What’s this roughly 2.5 inches diameter ceramic piece with holes?’’

Answer: It looks like a ceramic flower frog, for arranging flowers.

14. ’’What is this solid metal object in the wall next to the door? It’s located in an old house.’’

Answer: It’s a door bell.

15. ’’Found this in my wife’s drawer. It is what I think it is?’’

Answer: It’s a pelvic floor muscle and inner thigh training exerciser.

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Preview photo credit KleverKlem / Reddit


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