15+ People Had Their Old Photos Colorized and Made History Come Alive

2 years ago

Photography is there to help us preserve the memories of precious people and treasure the moments we had in life. It’s thanks to them that we can see what our great-grandparents, whom we didn’t get a chance to meet in real life, looked like or what our hometown was like 100 years ago. However, black and white photos don’t always show the depth of those pics and that’s where color can come in and help.

We at Bright Side found a Reddit thread where people asked others to help colorize their old photos. The results are so stunning that some people even start crying. Have a look and see for yourself:

“My recently-passed Grandma. She was like my best friend. This means the world!”

“My grandparents: he was a pilot for Pan Am, she was an air hostess on his flight.”

“My grandma feeding the dolphins.”

“This is my great-great-grandmother, Kathleen. She had fair skin, reddish-brown hair, and greyish-blue eyes.”

“A photo of my grandmother in 1942. She loved to sing and spend time with her family. I believe her hair was brunette.”

“My uncle and aunt’s wedding picture, 1946. Uncle was wearing a blue suit. He had dark blond hair. His wife was Italian.”

“My grandfather, I never got a chance to meet him.”

“My great-grandmother and her child”

“Hoping to surprise my 93-year-old grandmother on her birthday with a colorized photo of her mother.”

“My grandparents from 60 years ago”

“We celebrate our neighborhood’s 100th anniversary this year and this would be an awesome surprise for the older residents.”

“A photo of my dad”

“I want to make a gift for my dad. They are his mom and dad.”

“This is my great-grandfather and great-grandma. He served in WWI and this is the first photograph I’ve seen of him.”

“My grandpa from a long ways back”

“My grandma and grandad — over 60 years ago in their younger days.”

“My grandparents, please. I am not entirely sure, but I think she said a long time ago it was blue.”

We would be honored if you shared some old photos from your albums as well! Looking forward to seeing them in the comment section!

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Please note: This article was updated in November 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit rpvee / Reddit, sharpeassoc / Reddit


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