15 People Shared Photos of Plating Techniques That Will Leave You Speechless

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Most of us can totally understand the emotions the heroes of this article felt. When you go to a restaurant with high hopes of a delicious meal, only to be greeted by a plate of food that doesn’t look like a plate at all. But a little weirdness never hurt anyone, and can even make your dining experience more fun. Luckily, these 15 people embraced the oddity, grabbed their cameras and shared the pictures with us.

1. “Salad on a shovel.”

2. “The course was beef tongue.”

3. “There’s so much room in the basket!”

4. “Runny egg on top of Afghan Bolani with some sauces. How could that not end up on the table?”

5. “My pasta sauce dripped down the sides of the board midway through the meal.”

6. “Waffles with chocolate sauce on a flat stone. Guess what happens.”

7. “My caviar was slippin’ through the rocks.”

8. “Tonight’s special... An $8 avocado half with salt labeled as guacamole.”

9. “Desert in a 2 star Michelin restaurant.”

10. “Butter on a rock.”

11. “Soft pretzels in a jar.”

12. “A cup of eggs.”

13. “Presenting, four chips on a rock.”

14. “A vegetable dumpling on a bed of rocks. All those little creases on the rocks can create molds.”

15. “Spotted in Thailand.”

Preview photo credit CandyMan77 / Reddit, keeeek / Reddit


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