15 People Who Found Something Cool and Bizzare at the Same Time

11 months ago

Despite our vast knowledge, there are still mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Imagine a world where we knew every secret — it would surely lose its excitement. Instead, our world is like a vast museum, brimming with curiosities awaiting our discovery.

1. “My bird feeder has gotten so moldy, I think it might be sentient.”

2. “We had purple clouds yesterday in Freiburg, Germany.”

3. “I saw seven red cars parked next to each other on a random day at the mall.”

4. “I found this GIANT dandelion on my walk today.”

5. “This sweet potato that looks like a human heart”

6. “The Fibonacci spiral on a cauliflower we got”

7. “Saw a ladybug with no spots.”

8. “I’m overwhelmed by this albino cucumber that was found in our garden.”

9. “This tree survived being cut down.”

10. “Trees came down on high voltage power lines near me, and they melted the road.”

11. “An exploded can of foam spray”

12. “These ants figured out that this was poison, so they’re building a rock barrier around it. It’s happening on 4 other sites on my patio where I applied it.”

13. “My cherry tomato had a naturally made number on it.”

14. “A fiery feather of a rainbow in the clouds over Wallowa Lake in Oregon”

15. “I just moved into an apartment, and there’s this odd little panel above the bath. My first thought was that there is a hidden camera behind it. We asked the landlord, he has no idea.”

Answer: Pretty sure that’s a TV.

We often find surprises in the most unexpected corners of our lives. These discoveries remind us to keep our eyes and hearts open, for the world is full of hidden treasures waiting for you.

Preview photo credit natalie_grrr / Reddit


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