15 People Who Witnessed Rare Phenomena With Mesmerizing Powers

2 years ago

Surprising elements in musical pieces cause listeners to enjoy them all the more, says a study. But the unexpected is all around us, and that also seems to thrill people on Reddit. Every day, new photos are posted of fascinating finds that include real-life optical illusions and Mother Nature’s works of art. We can barely catch our breath!

Bright Side rounded up a few images that showcase impressive discoveries.

1. “The camera’s flash made the spider look radioactive.”

2. “This sweetgum leaf looks like it’s on fire.”

3. “The rain on my screen door makes the outside seem like a watercolor painting.”

4. “Took this when half the sky was clear after the rain.”

5. “An iPhone sitting in a chair cupholder”

6. “Yes, I feel comfy here.”

7. “It looks like a hand is coming out of the sky.”

8. “The reflections make the barriers appear transparent.”

9. “A plane ruined my long exposure shot at the beach last night and created an unintentional sky lightsaber.”

10. “I took a panoramic photo at a concert and the lights changed in the middle of it. This is the result.”

11. “This view from the laundry room seems fake.”

12. “This boat I came across looks somewhat intimidating.”

13. “My friend’s jacket makes him invisible when you take a picture with the flash.”

14. “This jellyfish I caught a picture of appears to be in space.”

15. “The wells on this baking pan look both concave and raised in this photo.”

When was the last time something extraordinary caught your eye? Fill the comments with your own findings!

Preview photo credit R0yalFlu5h / Reddit


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