15+ Pics That’ll Totally Bamboozle Your Brain

3 years ago

Animals with gremlin faces, glitches on the Matrix found in your backyard, or even animated characters coming to life in the real world. This isn’t science fiction, it’s just your eyes playing tricks on your mind. These illusory perceptions are called pareidolia and the good news is that this is a normal human condition.

Bright Side wants to play with your brain a little bit and we chose the most misleading pics you could ever imagine.

1. “The shadow on the stairs looks like another set of stairs.”

2. “I’m not holding this cat in my arms.”

3. “The way this dog is laying makes it look like a baby elephant.”

4. “This bread looks like wood.”

5. “This Frozen bread looks like mold.”

6. “I machine washed my rug and now it’s giving me a nasty look.”

7. “The sun melting ice on a bench into 3D cylinder shapes.”

8. “The melting snow on this chair looks like a tree.”

9. “This orthodontist chair looks like a Lego man sitting down.”

10. “This man from my walk looks like Gru from Despicable Me.”

11. “Is that the face of a Gremlin on a moth?”

12. “Found this seemingly ’upside-down’ tree.”

13. “These throw pillows look like a poorly done photoshop placement, but it’s just how they reflected the light.”

14. “This smoke cloud on the horizon looked like the Americas.”

15. “This tar stain on a curb kinda looks like a skateboarder doing a trick.”

16. “This sandpaper looks like steak.”

17. “My sweet potato looks like salmon.”

18. “This snow on a spider’s web looks like a glitch.”

19. “My very own carpet dog”

Have you ever seen something that tricked your eyes?


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