15 Times Pets Gave Extra Meaning and Wonder to the Holiday Season

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Several studies claim that having a pet can bring you numerous health benefits, including lower levels of depression and anxiety, as well as decreased blood pressure. On top of all of that, they can also just be the most adorable and entertaining buddies one could ask for during the holiday season. To prove exactly that, folks take to social media to show what their pets are up to during Christmas, and it can fill anyone’s heart with joy.

1. “He’s captivated by the Christmas tree.”

2. “Caught my old man looking like a Christmas card.”

3. “Came home to find this. Not sure how long she was in there, but she was pretty content to stay in there.”

4. “Someone guessed what they’re getting for Christmas.”

5. “My mother-in-law knitted my wife’s snake a Christmas sweater.”

6. “My 1 year older Christmas pup”

7. “My wife makes Christmas stockings for every member of our family. This year, Murphy joined the crew.”

8. “Me and my only child living it up on Christmas”

9. “After wanting a cat my whole life, I took in this little guy and I present you Oreo’s first Christmas!”

10. “Eddie wishes you a Merry Christmas”

11. “Every year my cat forgets what a Christmas tree is and re-discovers the wonder.”

12. “Our 1st Christmas together and our 14th Christmas together”

13. “My wife with no dogs, who loves dogs, gets to watch the family’s dogs over the holidays. Merry Christmas, baby.”

14. “The Christmas card I made to mail out to family this year.”

15. That is the face of pure happiness!

Do you have a pet of your own? How do you usually spend the holidays?

Preview photo credit ****king4Welfare / Reddit


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