15+ Weight Loss Warriors That Can Give You a Serious Dose of Inspo

3 years ago

Losing weight is always a contest between you and yourself, as it requires a huge amount of willpower and self-discipline, along with workouts, both day and night, and a healthy diet to make a difference. But once you decide to start the weight loss journey, everything gets easier and the change cannot go unnoticed. People in this article are sharing their stories and giving advice on how to face this challenge and overcome large hurdles.

A little inspiration goes a long way, which is why Bright Side prepared this article to demonstrate the importance of taking the right approach and doing things purposefully. Hopefully, this will serve as a great kick-start for you.

1. “If I can do this, anyone can!”

2. “2 years ago it was hard to even walk for very long. Now I run 2 miles a day!”

3. “I’ve been on my weight loss journey for 4 years now! I love the skin I’m in and I’m proud of my progress!”

4. “11 months into my transformation, seeing how far I can take it.”

5. Being the person you always wanted to be is just a matter of choice.

6. “I decided it was time to change things!”

7. “It’s just a step from what you are to what you want to be.”

8. “Just 7 months apart — all you need is to set a goal and reach it!”

9. “I was at Disneyland when I decided I wanted to make a change and truly ’let the shenanigans begin.’”

10. “I feel 1000 times more confident and happy in my own skin!”

11. “Dreams and goals do come true!”

12. “I can officially fit in one pant leg from my largest size. I’m still in shock.”

13. “Hard work will always pay a satisfactory result!”

14. “It took about a year, just calorie counting and walking, and I’ve maintained my weight for 2 years now.”

15. “I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I’m working out 4 times a week, eating healthier, and I no longer avoid mirrors!”

16. “Feeling more confident than ever!”

17. “You need to spend time and effort on your goal and the progress will be crazy!”

If you’re about to start your journey, this, this and this article may also be helpful.

Are you on your way to lose weight or get in better shape? Do you have your own weight loss success story? Share your story in the comment section and motivate others!

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So proud of the girls! Keep fighting people! These posts always encourage me to keep going... I've lost nearly 10kg during the lockdown
I wonder how long it took the guy at 2 to get into this shape, most people need years to do this and they start from a young age!
The face changed so much for this first girl, she's not even recognizable at all

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