14 Things That Make Us Believe This World Is Becoming a Better Place

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Not a day goes by without watching the news replete with negativity. The press informs us about everything that is happening in the world including disasters and tragedies. Fortunately, there are many things around us that give us reason to believe the world is a lot better than we may think it is.

Bright Side wants to share only kind and positive things with all of you. We have gathered a bunch of happy facts and great news to prove all is not lost.

1. Snow leopards are no longer endangered.

In 2017, the International Union for Conservation of Nature changed snow leopards’ status from endangered species to vulnerable on its list. An animal is considered endangered if its number is less than 2,500 species. Today, there are up to 7,500 snow leopards in the world.

2. A squirrel uses its tail as an umbrella.

Many squirrels use their tails to cover themselves in case of bad weather. For example, they turn their bushy tail into an umbrella when it’s snowing.

3. A blood donation center sends kind messages to its donors.

Blood donation centers in different countries, like Sweden, notify their blood donors when their blood was used or if it saved someone’s life by sending them messages.

4. There is a penguin in the Norwegian army holding the rank of Colonel-in-Chief.

Sir Nils Olav is a king penguin. He lives in Edinburgh Zoo and serves as a mascot and Brigadier of the Norwegian King’s Guard. He also holds the rank of Colonel-in-Chief, and in 2008 he was given knighthood. What have you done with your life?

5. Bhutan’s well-being is determined by the index of gross national happiness.

While other countries stress about their gross domestic product, people in Bhutan value well-being indicators. This is the state philosophy: gross national happiness!

6. Sea otters hold hands in the water.

Sea otters hold hands while they sleep to keep from floating away from each other. Sea otters have a special pouch where they store their food. They can also put their favorite shell in it.

7. In Germany, it’s forbidden to put pets to sleep without a good reason.

In German shelters, pets aren’t put to sleep simply because the owners returned them. Cats, dogs, and even exotic animals live in good conditions, enjoying the care of the staff and volunteers. They wait for their new owners to take them home.

8. Japanese macaques have snowball fights for fun.

Not only have they adapted to snow, but they’ve also learned to enjoy wintertime. Macaques are very perky and agile, and they love having snow fights with each other.

9. Musician Billy Joel gives away front-row tickets for free.

Billy Joel doesn’t sell the front row tickets to his concerts for sky-high prices. The musician confesses that he doesn’t like seeing rich people in front of him who may not even know his music. Most of them seem to have an “entertain me, piano man” kind of attitude. He prefers to give away the tickets to his true fans instead who sincerely love him, but can’t afford to buy an expensive ticket.

10. A Japanese diver has a 30-year-long friendship with a fish.

30 years ago, diver Hiroyuki Arakawa saved a fish from death during one of his dives. He named the fish Yoriko. She seems to remember her savior, and when the man dives into the sea, the fish approaches him for a friendly kiss.

11. Italian teenagers receive money from the government for culturally enriching pursuits.

Since 2016, every 18-year-old teenager in Italy can use a €500 “culture bonus”. The money should be spent on a cultural education: attending theatres, concerts, museums, buying books, etc. They can have access to the money after they download an app on their phone or PC.

12. Dolphins know each other’s names.

Dolphins are able to call each other by name. Of course, they sound nothing like our names, but rather, like different whistling sounds.

13. The Beatles used the word “love” 613 times in their songs.

It is wonderful.

14. Buy a mattress and receive a mini-mattress for your dog for free.

A Mexican mattress store gives you a tiny dog-sized mattress when you buy a regular one.

Bonus: If you still have doubts about how good our world is, here’s our final argument:

What story cheered you up the most? Share your stories and opinions in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in September 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Tirfing88 / Reddit


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