18 Hotels That Go Out of Their Way to Offer Their Guests a Unique Experience

year ago

Staying in a hotel is always a special treat, and the experience itself is quite rewarding. But, for some people, this experience has been rather perplexing after finding something they didn’t expect in their room. These 18 photos from Reddit users remind us once again that, when online booking, we’d better be prepared for any kind of surprise.

1. “My hotel bed in Greece”

2. “The bathroom sink in my Airbnb is made from a repurposed sewing machine.”

3. “There is a hotel in Osaka, Japan, where the receptionists are animatronic velociraptors.”

4. “Seems this hotel is run by some fellow homies”

5. “Pretty sure there’s a camera in the hotel bathroom”

6. “Nearly invisible label text on hotel shower dispenser bottles; which one is the shampoo? Good luck if you’re not wearing your glasses.”

7. “This tiny tube of Colgate toothpaste my hotel gave me”

8. “The hotel I stayed at last night”

9. “Wooden block with what looks like an aux chord coming out. Found in my hotel room in Rome. There are four of them in the room next to the beds.”

10. “My hotel has no room 404.”

11. “Hotel chair looking a bit suspicious”

12. “Photo taken from an Airbnb in Quebec a year ago”

13. “Sunrise outside my hotel this morning. So peaceful”

14. “This lobby restroom at a nice (~$200/night) hotel and restaurant.”

15. “The patio at my Airbnb in Sedona”

16. “Peacock-shaped doorknob at my Airbnb”

17. “A cozy sunroom in a Vermont Airbnb”

18. “Keeping cool in an old mining cave in the West Texas desert”

What is the strangest or most unexpected thing you have found in a hotel?

Preview photo credit SortFragrant2699 / Reddit


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