18 Images That Easily Puzzled Us

2 years ago

Optical illusions are appealing because people are drawn to what we do not understand. Having our senses distorted in the context of entertaining visual tricks triggers excitement within us. It also comes naturally for humans to make sense of the unexplainable because that’s basically how we learn and evolve.

Bright Side gathered 18 confusing photos that will tickle your imagination and engage your senses, and we hope you have fun figuring them out.

1. “Floating above a manhole”

2. A very feathery tennis ball

3. An aerial shot of a giant chair or a chair submerged in pond water?

4. “A building that looks like a flat piece of paper”

5. “That dog’s got human hands!”

6. And this cat’s got human feet!

7. When the detailing is so good that it makes the car look invisible

8. Tiny humans playing on top of tables

9. “Catzilla” in the house!

10. These wheels are not transparent.

11. “A sheep with no front legs”

12. Someone found a “pole vault portal.”

13. “It looks like the doctor is part of his necklace.”

14. “I thought he was a mascot on break.”

15. Colin Hay looks like he’s wearing pleats.

16. “You’d be surprised at how flexible kids can be when it comes to ice cream access.”

17. Raw chicken or white frog?

18. It looks like someone broke the cat...

Do you like using your imagination to see things from a different perspective? When you see optical illusions, do you merely take them as a form of entertainment without feeling the need to figure them out, or are you the type who enjoys cracking the mystery behind them?


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