18 People Who Grew Up Together With Their Pets

3 years ago

Our pets become members of our family from their very first day in our house. They watch us grow, they cheer us up during bad moments, they increase our joy during the good moments, and they never betray us. That is why we’re always thankful for them.

We at Bright Side believe that our pets are our best friends forever, and these 18 photos can prove that even time can’t destroy our friendship.

18. 10 years goes by fast

17. “My cat and me 14 years ago and today”

16. “My 8th Birthday present, Kimba, is now 16 years old.”

15. “My Connie: 6 weeks old and 9 years old”

14. “From the first day to the last day I ever saw my boy Toby”

13. “Our dachshund, Roofus, is 11 years old now and still the goodest boy.”

12. 15 years apart

11. 1998-2018

10. “He’s become too heavy to let me hold him.”

9. Still his favorite spot after 7 years...

8. “17 years with my beautiful pup”

7. Best friends forever

6. Same boy, same dog, same couch... 16 years apart

5. “17 years later, Dodger the doxie is still an essential member of our family.”

4. “My dog and I, 11 years apart”

3. First moments and last moments with Bluto, 15 years apart

2. 16 year difference

1. “My daughter and our dog — 12 years later”

Do you have any photos of you and your pets growing together? We’d like to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit AlabamaIceMan / reddit


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this is the best thing ever to grow with your animals. Especially if you have them since your early childhood ?


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