20 Pictures That Leave Us Confused, Wanting Another Look

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As human beings, we tend to humanize just about everything around us. So we make up anthropomorphic stories, see patterns, and even spot human or animal faces in day-to-day sights and sounds. Even so, there are always a few details we may fail to notice as we look at the bigger picture of things around us.

Bright Side spotted some cool pictures that carry a little surprise if you have a keen eye, just as these Redditors did.

1. “This ambulance has stork decals, one for each of the babies born in the back.”

2. “You decide: Are these socks supposed to be John Lennon or Harry Potter?”

3. “Flowers like small lanterns in my neighborhood”

4. “This is what the inside of a bowling ball looks like.”

5. “This picture I took of the sun over my parasol kind of looks like a desert landscape.”

6. “Found driftwood on a walk.”

7. “This rock is organized in hexagonal columns that fused together.”

8. “My most-used blush now looks like Shrek.”

9. “Saw a giant cupcake made from balloons.”

10. “The logo on a chair has a small chair hidden in it.”

11. “A picture of a tree I saw on vacation that looks like it’s looking at you”

12. “This feather is in the shape of a bird.”

13. “Fresh mustache”

14. “This inchworm hanging backward by silk to disguise itself as a dead twig”

15. “The deformities in this carrot make it look like it’s walking.”

16. “One of the potatoes turned out to be a stone.”

17. “A large snake waking from sleep”

18. “Voldemort is the only LEGO with a nose.”

19. “Interesting reflection caught on the Colorado River in Austin, Texas. Almost looks like an underwater city.”

20. “This tree grew over the sign but under the paint.”

What’s your most evocative memory of a surprising sight? What do you remember most about it?

Preview photo credit T3nacityDog / Reddit


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