19 Emotional Kids Who Could Outshine Any Hollywood Star

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3 years ago

If there’s anyone who can beat Hollywood actors, it’s children. They are so sincere and artistic! Just look at the face of the baby who was just woken up or the girl who just found out that she has to go to school for the next 17 years!

Bright Side offers you the chance to take a look at 19 photos of children that will make you feel positive for the whole day. Just try to scroll down the article and not smile at least once. We couldn’t do it.

This is the face you have when you finally get the comic book you dreamed of:

“At 2 days old, my daughter has perfected the ‘are they using my driveway to turn around?’”

“My daughter after I explained to her that she will be going to school almost every day for the next 17 years...”

“I wish all sports figures realized the impact they have on kids...”

“Born this past Monday and he’s already cooler than I’ll ever be.”

“My daughter is to be feared.”

“My stoic son on his first birthday”

“Just me and my daughter... dancing in the rain”

“My daughter understands center of gravity...”

“My son’s preschool photo”

“My 3-year-old daughter wanted to jump in these puddles”

“I guess I know what my son will look like in 70 years...”

“My daughter got a new hat. I think she likes it.”

“Took my son to the airshow”

“My son just learned to walk. He is pretty happy about it.”

“My son, contemplating life on his first camping trip”

“Daughter’s first camping trip. This is how she wakes me up at 6:15 in the morning.”

“My 2-year-old son overreacting to the concept of dinner being over”

“That bottom lip of my son’s... for some strange reason it makes me smile.”

Do your children demonstrate their acting skills? We would love to see their emotional photos in the comment section below.


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