20+ Times Everyday Things Became Completely Undetectable by Naked Eye

11 months ago

Throughout evolution, camouflage allowed many animals to blend into their environment and become completely undetectable. For some of them, it’s just a seasonal change; while others learned how to blend in at will. And it seems like some things of ours have learned to do exactly that. Otherwise, where do all those spare socks disappear to?

1. Orange cat camouflage season has begun.

Tap to see the answer
Tap to see the answer

2. “Took my dog for a walk in the snow and then...”

Tap to see the answer
Tap to see the answer

3. “The only time I’ve seen camo work perfectly”

4. Find the cat.

Tap to see the answer
Tap to see the answer

5. “Do you see him?”

6. “There’s a hairbrush somewhere on this floor mat...”

7. “I almost stepped on him.”

8. “Birds of a feather, something, something...”

9. “Find the guitar pick.”

10. “Void guardian of the documents cupboard”

11. “Well, doggone...”

12. “Couldn’t find my bath mat for a while.”

13. “I have stepped on them more than once.”

14. “Almost lost my puppy.”

15. A well-camouflaged bag

16. Where’s the cat?

Tap to see the answer
Tap to see the answer

17. “This frog camouflaged with the concrete around our pool.”

18. “I couldn’t find my polo shirt this morning.”

19. “The store we went to only had camo dog beds at the time, and my dog blends in quite well with it.”

20. “The reflection on my car made it look like it was painted to look like red bricks. My car is gloss black.”

21. “Hard times with my doggo in the woods.”

Has camouflage magic ever surprised you in your daily life? Has it ever happened that you couldn’t find a thing for a long time when it was actually in plain sight the whole time? Please write your stories in the comments below.

Preview photo credit artngoodfeelings / Reddit


#4 there's a weird face on the left just by the orange sign. Looks odd now I know it's not the cat I was scanning for.

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