20 Animals That Mastered the Art of Camouflage

4 years ago

Some animals are naturally designed to blend in with the surrounding environment in order to protect themselves from predators, however, some other times they just want to blend in. We’ve all seen photos of cute pets doing all sorts of weird things around the house, but what happens when your pet decides to accidentally camouflage itself inside the house and you can’t find it anymore? Well, you’ll get a taste of what this looks like by reading this article!

Bright Side picked some of the most bizarre and hilarious photos that people shared online that demonstrate how some animals are experts at blending in! If you think soldiers do an excellent job at camouflaging, just wait until you see these little fellas.

1. This little owl should be called “invisib-owl”

2. “Go ahead and try to find me, it will take you all day.”

3. “I’ll be a carpet from now on, this is my life now.”

4. Translucent tank fish that are almost impossible to spot while swimming

5. He knew exactly what he was doing and where to sit.

6. “Our brown dalmatian is such a chameleon.”

7. “Where are my 2 good boys?”

8. “If I just sit here with the rest of the towels, no one will know!”

9. Can you spot Bruno?

10. “I almost crushed this little butterfly because I thought it was a leaf.”

11. A tiny golden plover hatchling camouflaging among moss

12. These little sheep sea slugs that can blend in with the moss

13. “Our hide and seek world champion who knows exactly how to blend in.”

14. Just 9 teddy bears on display, no real dogs to see here.

15. “This centipede being really sneaky on my sneaker”

16. “Going incognito in the snow — can you see me?”

17. "My hedgehog matching almost perfectly to my brother’s carpet"

18. "I'll just stay here and pretend I'm one of the towels."

19. "I bet you can't really see me now, can you?"

20. This little kitty who turned itself into a blanket

Have you ever encountered anything similar with your pet or an animal you saw? Please share your photos and opinion with us!

Preview photo credit aeshteic / Instagram


Everyone is so busy adoring slugs, that they don't notice this sweet golden plover.. Get it? :D
title should be: pictures where the photographers put the animals in a place where they're camouflaged ?

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