20 Glitches That Prove We Live in the Matrix

3 years ago

It turns out “The Matrix” may not just be a movie, after all. We could very well be living right in the middle of it! At least that’s what some pictures might make us think when we see them online. From identical-looking strangers who just happen to be standing right next to each other to pixelated cats and shadows that make us feel like we’re inside a video game, these glitches always catch us by surprise and make us question our reality.

Bright Side dove deep into Neo’s world to find 20 pics that show just how confusing and strange our world truly is!

1. Clones at JFK airport

2. This black car looks like a mirror after being washed.

3. “Met Keanu Reeves once when I was 14, and again when I was 17. Oddly enough, Neo was wearing the same t-shirt both times.”

4. “My friend’s dad is at a Santa convention for people who play Santa during Christmas.”

5. Indecisive grape

6. A glitch in the derpiness

7. “The shadow of this bench looks like pixels in this picture I took.”

8. “My sister took a picture of a bird closing its wings mid-flight.”

9. Parallel processing threads

10. “This woman has a tattoo on her shoulder that is the exact same as the design on this guy’s shirt.”

11. The reflections in this window look like a glitch in a skybox.

12. This tree and fence look like a graphics glitch.

13. These skateboard-friendly sidewalk tiles are messing with my eyes.

14. “TV scene changed while the photo was being taken.”

15. “The shutter on my analog camera glitched and now my friend looks like he’s floating.”

16. “These melons look like they ran out of ink.”

17. This mosaic cat is a true masterpiece

18. When you decrease the shadow resolution:

19. “The apple’s skin looks like it’s from a low-poly game.”

20. Spessartine Garnet from Brazil that looks like it has big-city buildings carved into it

Have you ever captured any of these so-called “glitches in the Matrix”? We would love to see some more of them!


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