20 Inventions That Are Gonna Flip Your “I-Want-It-Now” Switch

4 years ago

The earliest invention happened 23 million years ago. And today there are already an uncountable number of gadgets and devices. Time doesn’t stand still and people are constantly inventing something new, trying to solve a problem or create the impossible. And we thank them for it. After all, cool and useful inventions make our lives easier and make our daily routine less routine.

We at Bright Side adore everything new and couldn’t just ignore these original inventions. And we won’t let you miss them either.

1. This device is used as a simple and convenient way to cut a watermelon. The slicer helps you to create pieces you can easily eat.

2. Every time you slouch, this posture corrector begins to vibrate slightly. This will help you remember to keep your back straight and train you to have good posture.

3. This bracelet is especially good for runners. It has a special pocket where you can put a key and money. Also the bracelet glows, which makes you stand out in the dark.

4. If your daily routine includes washing your kids or pets you can use a special knee pillow. It’s soft and helps you kneel comfortably.

5. This magnetic cup is an excellent container for water on outings. The cup can be attached to the metal coaster and the liquid won’t spill during a day on the boat or while camping.

6. The summer heat is already here and a cool breeze is what we wish for the most. There’s nothing easier than to insert a mini-fan into the USB connector on your phone and enjoy the cool air.

7. With the help of this moldable glue, you can fix the cable, shoes, or whatever you want all by yourself. It’s easy to use and will prolong the life of your favorite things.

8. You know how greasy your hands can be after eating chips? Well, in order to not blur the screen of your phone or other devices, you can use these tongs — you’ll have clean hands and you can continue eating.

9. A hammock is great, but sometimes it’s unbearable to lie in because of the mosquitos around. This hammock has a special net that will protect you from insects.

10. An umbrella doesn’t protect your shoes during the rain, so you may need special waterproof covers. Just put them over your shoes and feel free to walk through the puddles.

11. This self-heated knife will help you spread cold butter easily. You won’t need to connect it to electricity because it heats up from the heat of your body.

12. It’s always difficult to attach a bracelet with one hand. It can take a lot of time and can easily tire you out. But this device will help you easily attach the bracelet without needing anyone’s help.

13. If you don’t always have electricity on hand to charge your gadgets, you can use this power bank. It charges with solar power and is convenient to take with you, since it folds like a fan.

14. You can enhance your photos using a selfie light. It will make your photos brighter and fill them with light in the darkness. It can be hooked up at any time, as it’s easy to use.

15. These anti-snoring strips keep your jaw in a normal position and let you get enough air. They hold your airways open and prevent you from snoring. Also it’s easy to apply and remove the strips.

16. Our phones are always with us, even when we go to bed. And if you have no place to put it while you’re sleeping, then here’s a bedside shelf for you. It’s smaller than an ordinary shelf and pretty roomy.

17. This pillow can be used anywhere and provides comfort for your head. Whether it’s at the airport, your desk, or even a bench on the street — it can be turned into sleeping spot.

18. If you’ve always wanted to try traditional typewriter then you have a chance to do it now. You can use this mechanical keyboard with your gadgets and take a plunge into the past.

19. It can be difficult sometimes to get every last hair off of your brush. This self-cleaning brush can help you. Just remove the teeth and hair will fall off. Remember: It’s better to make sure you do it over the trash can.

20. Those who monitor the humidity level might be interested in this USB air humidifier, which can also work from an outlet. It glows in the darkness too, like a night light.

Which of these products are you ready to buy? And what other cool innovations would you like to have if they existed? We would like to hear your ideas in the comments.

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I am quite not sure if eating chips with this "hand" is easier.. but cleaner, that's for sure :D
Omg, I'm getting that mobile phone fan. Must have this summer! :)

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