20+ People Who’ve Changed Just One Thing About Their Appearance and Look Way Different Now

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Sometimes, only one little thing keeps people from feeling happy. For example, they may want to correct the shape of their nose or eyebrows or try a new color on their hair. We’ve found some photos of Internet users who dared to experiment with their appearance.

“I was thinking about microblading for a year, and finally, I went for it.”

“My new haircut”

“6 months post-op”

“Benefits include chewing better, fewer sore joints, breathing better, sleeping better, and fewer tension headaches.”

“I just got my eyebrows microbladed! What do you think?”

“I went back to the dark side.”

“Almost 1.5 years post-op — I finally got my braces off.”

“My maxilla moved 5 mm forward and 5 mm down grafted, my mandible moved 10 mm forward, and my chin moved 5 mm down and back.”

Before and after blepharoplasty

2 weeks post-op arm lift

“My orthodontist reassured me that once my teeth start to shift into place, it will get better. 7 months later and it really got better!”

It’s unbelievable how much the nose changes a person’s looks.

DJS and genioplasty change the shape of the chin.

They say that eyebrows change everything for a reason.

“This is how a hair transplant changed my life.”

Before and after facial filler

When you get your braces taken off and can brighten the world with your smile:

6 months after rhinoplasty

Not only women get blepharoplasty done.

“I repaired the internal ptosis of my eyelid.”

“What do you think of these combo brows? I’m 57 and had minimal tails.”

“I was positive and excited pre-op. Lips and the surrounding area have changed a lot.”

When you don’t shave for 5 weeks and look like a completely different person:

“I got my braces removed today, 2 years and 20 days total treatment time!”

“Before rhinoplasty and braces vs 1.5 years after”

Have you ever dared to change your appearance?

Preview photo credit marloamara / Reddit


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