20+ Stories Proving Real Heroes Not Only Exist in Movies — They’re Among Us

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There is kindness in everyone’s heart, but sometimes we are so absorbed with our own problems we simply forget to show it. Gestures as small as just holding a door open for an elderly lady or helping her carry her heavy bags are simple acts of kindness that can make our life and the lives of others so much better.

At Bright Side, we believe that the number of people doing good deeds and never expecting anything in return is much bigger than we think, because these people just stay silent. But there are those who show it to be a good example. Here are 23 people like this and we hope that their kindness will become viral.

1. Chris Hemsworth arranged an early showing of Avengers: Endgame for this dying Marvel fan.

2. “I held the door open for an old lady and she gave me candies.”

3. Franklin Davis, a homeless Vietnam veteran, sweeps the Vietnam Veterans Memorial during the government shutdown.

4. “I’ve been sitting in traffic for 5 hours on my way home from work because of snow accidents. A guy and his girlfriend who live near the highway came up to cars and handed out snacks and drinks. Thank you guys!”

5. This man is voluntarily shoveling snow at a bus stop to clear the paving for the blind in Zwolle, Netherlands.

6. A man at an auto dealership accidentally heard a conversation between a girl and a salesperson. She was a struggling student and couldn’t afford to buy a used car. She broke into tears because she was close to losing her job. A few hours later, the man gave her his car for free.

7. “This amazing gentleman brings all the widows from the retirement home and treats them to lunch and gifts and a rose every Valentine’s Day. He’s done this for last 5 years at our restaurant.”

8. A company director paid for an expensive surgery for his employee who is a welder. The man made this charcoal grill in the shape of a deer and presented it to his savior.

9. A Nigerian artist named Eli Waduba Yusuf asked actor Kevin Hart, via Twitter, whether he would like to see his portrait done in hyperrealism. The actor decided to buy this drawing, and also ordered 3 other portraits of his celebrity friends.

10. These guys stopped to help this dog get his toy!

11. “My mom is a florist and she made a big flower heart for the National Mall today to bring some joy to people in Washington, D.C.”

12. “I’m a trash man. I don’t think people realize the impact small gestures like this have on us. Thank you for the drinks and snacks!”

13. This guy didn’t panic and saved a choking woman.

14. Dutch police helped repair this kid’s bicycle.

15. Japanese restaurant owners are hiring paralyzed people to control their robot servers so that they can make an income.

16. A student-veterinarian saved a newborn puppy for the first time in her practice. She spent an hour to make it breathe.

17. This kind man in shorts paid for these TSA agents’ dinners at the Subway in the Denver International Airport.

18. A tree fell and blocked one of the lanes on the highway. One of the drivers stopped, took his chainsaw, and began to clean the road without waiting for road services.

19. “My dad volunteers as Batman, bringing joy to kids fighting cancer at a children’s hospital.”

20. “This lovely lady just led us to her car spot as she was leaving because she saw us struggling to find a spot. Then she ran over and gave us her parking ticket with 3 hours still left on it!”

21. There is a culinary blog on YouTube that’s called Grandpa Kitchen. The man who leads it cooks huge amounts of food and gives it to those in need.

22. Almost 5,000 people in the UK stood in line in the rain for hours in hopes that they were a stem cell match to save a 5-year-old boy. Doctors said that the boy had only 3 months to find a stem cell donor to help cure his cancer.

23. Firefighter Cody Mooney saved other people’s lives even after his last breath. He donated his organs to those who were waiting for transplants.

Which stories touched your heart the most? Or maybe you have similar stories of your own?

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#11 is the cutest action of kindness for today. If you can make the world a better place, then do it ?


I used to watch this culinary blog on YouTube! Amazing and very kindhearted man :)


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