20 Things We Don’t Wash in a Washing Machine — but It’s a Big Mistake

5 years ago

Do you know that your washing machine can help you even more than you can imagine? For example, you can wash your shower curtains, rubber rugs, or even a leather bag in it. And these aren’t the most surprising things you can put in your washing machine without destroying them.

Bright Side has found 20 items that you can stop washing by hand.

Sports equipment

Protective accessories always get dirty and absorb sweat during exercising, but many people forget or simply don’t know how to wash them. The easiest way is to use a washing machine: put your athletic gear in a mesh bag or a pillowcase, use a mild detergent, and choose the delicate washing mode. You can also wash your gym bag in the washing machine.

Yoga and bath rugs

Rubber rugs also need regular cleaning. Just put them together with some towels in your washing machine, choose the delicate mode, and don’t use any detergent. Don’t forget that these items should be washed in cold water only.

Stuffed and plastic toys

There’s a huge amount of bacteria on your child’s favorite toys, so it’s crucial to wash them. First make sure the toy contains synthetic fibers, then put it in a washing bag, use 2 times less detergent than usual, and choose the delicate mode. The same rules may be applied to plastic and silicone toys.

Leather and reusable grocery bags

More and more people have started becoming more eco-minded and choose reusable grocery bags instead of plastic ones. These cloth and vinyl bags can be washed in a washing machine: use a mild detergent, the delicate mode, and a mild temperature. You can also follow the same rules to wash a leather bag.

Shower curtains and bath sponges

Bath sponges and shower curtains can also be washed in a washing machine. For better results, put all these items in the wash with a couple of towels. Use a small amount of detergent and choose the standard washing mode.

Pet beds and leashes

Before washing, vacuum your pet’s bed and put their leashes and collars in a pillowcase. For these items, use the standard wash mode.

Sheepskin boots and sneakers

Ugg boots can be washed in cold water using the “delicate” mode. Before you put your sneakers in the washing machine, remove dirt and laces, and put them in a mesh bag. For a better effect, wash athletic shoes together with a few towels in cold water using the delicate mode.

Baseball caps and hair accessories

You should wash these items in cold water using the delicate mode and a mesh bag. There’s an exception to this rule: don’t wash your baseball hat if its brim is made of cardboard.

Mousepads and keyboard keys

Keyboard keys can be washed in a special bag or a pillowcase. Additionally, don’t forget to wash your mousepad — it’s one of the dirtiest things in your home. Choose the delicate mode and warm water, and then dry them in the open air.

Kitchen accessories

If your silicone pads and potholders aren’t that greasy, you can wash them either together with other clothes or separately in warm water with a couple of towels.

Have you ever tried to wash any of these items in a washing machine? Did you like the results?

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I hesitated putting my Converse in the washing machine for a long time... I tried things like toothpaste and eraser, it worked, but at last i threw them in the machine and they are whiter than snow now :)
Can I actually do the same with my colored Nike shoes?


i wash just about everything. light gentle cycle with cool water & mild soap works for 99% of everything you own. Air dry then cool fluff


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