21 Handy People Show Off How to Transform a Room With Just a Few Tricks and a Crafty Heart

2 years ago

Coming home and finding yourself in an unwelcoming space or a home that doesn’t meet your expectations, tastes, or needs, can be a bit frustrating and downright discouraging. Perhaps that is why some people decide to look for information, ask for advice, and roll up their sleeves to turn that room they no longer want to see into one they’ve always dreamed of.

Fascinated by the changes some users made in their rooms, Bright Side brings you a taste of some of the most impressive remodelings and transformations.

1. “A before and after of our baby girl’s nursery! We do not miss the yellow.”

2. “I posted a few months back asking for advice on paint colors — I just wanted to share the results and say thanks for everyone’s suggestions! I don’t miss the grey at all.”

3. “Sunroom afternoon update!”

4. “Tiny office makeover completed!”

5. “Before and after (blue). Thanks to your input, we painted, moved the rug out, and moved the round chair to a less prominent location.”

“In the future, we will hang pictures and plan to swap the round chair out for something else. Thanks for all the input!”

6. Thanks for the curtain recommendations!

7. “Thank you, community. Before and after pics :)”

8. “Last year I asked you guys to help me make my space look more lived in. Today I finished making homemade shelves from free wood and some elbow grease, and adding more plants! Here are the results a year later! Thank you!”

9. “How I love before and after photos”

10. “Before and after”

11. “Painted the door, changed the light fixture, and added some new furniture!”

12. “Switched out the yellow rug, filled some wall space, added some plants, changed the bedding, and moved some things around. Thanks for the help!”

13. “Before and after! Thanks for all the advice. So glad this project is done. On to the next!”

14. “I posted this picture about a week ago and the second picture is what it looks like now.”

15. “Thank you for your advice before. I redesigned my bedroom, and I have never been happier with it.”

16. “My rental living room/kitchen evolution in 4 months”

17. “Small, but tall laundry room. Before and after”

18. “Small bathroom remodel. Before and after”

19. “My kitchen, before and after. It was hard work, but we’re nearly there now!”

20. “The navy blue theme wasn’t working in my small room, but I’m so angry now that I didn’t paint it white sooner! Before and after photos”

21. “The before and after”

What modifications or renovations have you made or would you like to complete in your home? Share the before and after transformation photos with us of your house and the tips you followed for a successful renovation.


Huge changes and they made an Amazing difference. Well done all and thanks for the before and after pics.

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