24 Cats Who Are So Tired, They Don’t Give a Darn

3 years ago

It’s often joked around that cats behave as if they were kings and queens, and that’s for a reason. They spend most of their time sleeping on everything, eating, and sometimes descending to play a little bit with their humans. And then they get so exhausted that they don’t have energy for anything other than to lay in some comfy spot with an expression of absolute fatigue.

Here at Bright Side we’ve collected pictures of funny cats in an exhausted “I-don’t-care” mood.

1. “I’m totally out.”

2. He’s living his best life.

3. When you’re too exhausted to care about anything:

4. That’s typical.

5. He’s done.

6. What? Just go get me some coffee.

7. Thanks, that’s exactly what we meant by “mouse.”

8. Every person in the morning trying to get up to go to work:

9. Definitely not feeling like doing anything today.

10. Plans for the day: lie on the floor

11. That’s something new.

12. Just chillin’ in the sun.

13. Sophie the kitty being a little listless.

14. A cat sleeping above his kingdom

15. Someone found himself a comfy spot to get totally depressed.

16. When you don’t care at all:

17. We bet it was quite a challenge for him to even get there.

18. Just hanging out together doing nothing.

19. I definitely need to change something in my life.

20. But not today...

21. A little sleepy, but totally satisfied.

22. You don’t care about anything when you want to sleep.

23. When your working days have already started again, but you’re still all Christmas.

24. Feeling perfect.

Which of the cats can you relate to the most? Do you have any similar pictures of your own? Share with us in comments.

Preview photo credit AcidCow, unknown / reddit


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