24 Dogs With Unique Markings We Fell in Love With

5 years ago

If a dog is very spotted, and this isn’t part of the traditional coloring for the breed, experts will almost always call it a “merle.” And besides the fur pigmentation, these dogs totally stand out with their eye colors. Or they might even have eyes of 2 different colors. And this is only one of the many variations of the extraordinary coloring on some dog’s coats that can’t help but attract our undivided attention!

We at Bright Side are the ultimate pet lovers, and today we have collected 24 pictures of dogs whose coloring is just mesmerizing.

1. Look into my eyes, relax, get hypnotized...

2. Fox or Husky? Or maybe a foxy Husky...

3. “Mommy, am I a giraffe?”

4. “I am a sea wolf, I have a pirate eye and salty spots on my ears.”

5. This dog does a way better smoky eye than I ever could.

6. Love is all around... With a big heart and freckles.

7. The magic wolves of the snowy North!

8. “I feel like this concealer’s not really working... Can you still see my spots?”

9. Here’s a dog who’s always wearing the perfect Halloween costume.

10. Just decorate your apartment according to your dog, trust me.

11. The black and white classics

12. This dog is made of marble and fur.

13. The ghost of the forest

14. Good boy camouflage

15. Do you like my black sweater?

16. Is that paint splatter?

17. You don’t need that many colors to paint true joy.

18. The Black Panther, a German re-make.

19. This doggie looks directly into my soul.

20. These eyes are full of magic...

21. What color is your dog? — Um, well, let’s see...

22. When the color of your face depends on which side you turn to the camera:

23. Cute, fluffy and red-headed

24. Would you like to go for a walk and play, sir?

Does your dog have an impressive coat? Please, share your pics in the comments!


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