25 Awkward Pets That Set Our Hearts on Fire

4 years ago

When cats are bored they are unbelievable, they even do stunts and gymnastics. On the other side, dogs will do anything just to get their treat, even if it means they must pose for the camera. Admit it, we just can’t resist saying “aww” when we see a pet in an awkward position. People who have pets share those moments so that we can all have a ball.

Choosing between so many photos was not easy. Every pet is special, but we at Bright Side want to share with you our favorite ones so far.

1. Meet the derpiest fuzzball to ever walk the earth

2. This cat is trying hard to find something to do.

3. “The only way my new puppy Peach will sleep soundly”

4. “My new cat has these eyebrows that only make her look sad or nervous, lol.”

5. “My new kitten, Charlie!”

6. His best attempt at playing hide and seek

7. This doggy knows how to pose.

8. I am finally free.

9. “I wanted a cat, my wife wanted a dog, we compromised and now have Gibson.”

10. What about lipstick on a rabbit?

11. Give me your snacks, please.

12. “Teddy has the bendiest neck.”

13. Maya really enjoys frisbee time.

14. Hello there. Did you call me?

15. “My little man”

16. Those eyes and paws are calling me... I would snuggle him all day long.

17. Their friendship melts my heart.

18. He cheers me up, even after 3 years.

19. After a long day of hard work

20. Cats will get into spaces that you’d never predict, like an empty toilet paper bag.

21. My father’s dog gets awkwardly happy when he is around children.

22. She played, she bathed, she dried...

23. He just doesn’t care that he ruined my hours of work.

24. Meet Hugh Quackman!

25. “This is Tonka. It’s his first time at the park.”

Have you ever had an awkward moment with your pets? Were you able to catch them on camera? If you were, share them with us.

Preview photo credit dog_rates / twitter


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Aren’t we all just mimicking these pets during this quarantine?!?


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