25 Cakes With Deceptive Looks That Left Us Thunderstruck

4 years ago

What do a sneaker, a KFC bucket, an egg box, and a dinosaur have in common? They all can be made into cakes! These talented artists can turn a cake recipe and frosting into a literal masterpiece that is so realistic, you will not believe it`s edible!

Here at Bright Side we love talented people, and when these people sculpt incredibly realistic cakes, we can’t help but share their creations with the world!

1. A cake that will never make you cry, unlike a real onion!

2. This T-Rex in a sweater is too beautiful to ever be eaten.

3. A really cool surprise for a kid’s birthday!

4. The trickiest illusion of the year

5. The plate too!

6. Would you like some scrambled eggs?

7. Imagine not knowing it’s a cake and smashing this piñata.

8. Burger cake for a burger king!

9. Do you serve it with tea or with beer?

10. Nothing special, just a red velvet cake with lemon frosting...

11. It looks so realistic it might cause trust issues.

12. Deception of the year!

13. All these flowers are made of cream.

14. The winner gets to eat the board!

15. Where do I buy these sneakers?

16. Imagine carving out every piece of macaroni!

17. The best pastry-cook award definitely goes to this person.

18. You don`t have to wait ’til summer to eat some watermelon!

19. These are not succulents, they are cupcakes!

20. Puncake cake — filled with sponge and roasted white chocolate buttercream

21. The box is a part of the cake.

22. How does this ostrich cake not fall from such thin legs?

23. Even the tableware is edible.

24. It really does look like fried chicken!

25. Snake or cake?

The T-Rex in the sweater is our absolute favorite! Which cake would you wish for, for your birthday? Let us know in the comments below!


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I'm, instead, not a big fan of cakes and other sweets that look like other food. I always expect them to taste like burger, meat or something else, but they feel sweet. This is very confusing


Theres a Japanese show called something like: can you eat it? and people need to bite in things to see if its food, they kinda look like those sneaker cakes and stuff


I would want to try this lemon cake.

But every single one is a masterpiece, this is so impressive


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