26 Adorably Imperfect Pets That Melted Our Hearts

3 years ago

These animals could be easily rejected by the tough standards of society. But their pet parents were brave enough to not follow social stereotypes, listen to their hearts, and gave their beloved pets the most important thing — love.

Today these animals help people to promote animal adoption and spread awareness. Some of them have even gained popularity and become internet stars. They have a full life and simply teach us the basics — we are all equal (and also irresistibly cute).

Bright Side collected 26 pictures proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

1. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...

2. Born with no front legs, but still a true fighter.

3. Well... I might look a little scared, but actually I’m fearless.

4. 2 faces of perfection

5. Don’t worry, I got my eye on you.

6. Alien looking cat? Nope, not here.

7. Just stay quiet and I won’t hypnotize you.

8. Look, we’ve got David Meowie here!

9. Who knows, maybe Count Dracula is actually a cat!

10. Ladies and gentleman, please meet Vincent (van Gogh).

11. I just want to see you smile every day.

12. I bet this is the saddest сat on the internet.

13. -What does the pirate say?

14. Meet the new derpy cat in the family... Maxwell!

15. I drove 3 hours to get this guy from a rescue.

16. This rescue cat turns her crooked jaw into a beautiful smile we simply cannot resist.

17. Adopted this tiny weirdo from the shelter! We’re assuming he’s a dog.

18. My yellow lab was born with a crooked face. Seeing it when I’m feeling blue makes my day 100x better.

19. The breeders said she was “imperfect” because of her tongue. This is her sticking her tongue out every time someone says she’s “imperfect.”

20. Bow to your new cat overlord, Atchoum will stare into your soul...

21. I used to think I was a kangaroo when suddenly I heard someone say “cat.”

22. Born without eyelids, this cat melted our hearts with its smile.

23. Aww! This look makes want to me share my lunch (and dinner) with him.

24. No, I have no idea who stole all the food.

25. Say hello to Scuba!

26. My Monday face

Which of these pets would you like to adopt? Have you ever adopted one? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


This is super cute but also picture number 13 is my cat and I had no idea she was subject to be posted on other websites.?
Why would anyone find this cute? These animals are deformed, I felt shame seeing this...
Animals are like people: they're all special in their own way. I'd never shy away from adopting a pet just because they were a little different.

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