27 People Who Certainly Don’t Lack Ingenuity

4 years ago

There are 3 types of people in the world: those who follow the rules, those who break them, and those who adjust the rules to suit themselves. One needs to have a really unusual mindset to find something that no one has ever noticed in everyday things.

Bright Side admires these representatives of the human race and invites you to look at the manifestations of their incredible creativity in action.

This group of friends created their own "island" in neutral waters to circumvent New Zealand's law prohibiting alcohol on holidays.

This inventive driver teaches philosophy.

This is a great solution for those who value their time and comfort.

When the mailman could not find the mailbox but had a very responsible attitude to his work:

I wonder what they use instead of a vacuum cleaner...

What are you all looking at? It's still a door after all!

Maternal wit in action

Scary? Yes! Dangerous? Also yes! But it gets the job done!

Do what you need to do to take the cat where it needs to go.

Flower sellers can also be very creative.

Just don't make any sudden movements!

If there is no aroma lamp at hand, but you need one really badly...there is a way out!

An original way to warm up both your coffee and your bagel!

Students can also be superbly creative.

Incredibly inventive marketing

When the driver is a born parker:

When you have a sudden strike of inspiration but there is no proper equipment at hand:

I wonder what Mrs. Claus looks like...

The perfect solution for the owners of freedom-loving cats!

The ideal substitute for a pizza cutter! How did they come up with this?!

These guys know how to get settled with maximum comfort.

Just as good as at a reception!

So here it is, the "great-great-grandfather" of clean transport.

Learning to repair houses properly...

Thanks for the idea. It's too bad the hero's magic can't restore the screen.

When there is no time to stop at the workshop but you can draw quite well:

This girl is returning her Christmas tree to the store right after the New Year's celebration.

Tell us about the cool cases of ingenuity you have come across!

Preview photo credit JRD761 / imgur


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